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Microsoft Being Dicks About Headsets & Domains

Posted on the 28 May 2013 by M00kyst @mookyst
Microsoft Being Dicks About Headsets & DomainsI know I've been bashing Microsoft a lot recently, so let me say this:
I am not biased against them. In fact I *was* a fan of theirs. And these 'bashing' articles are simply me being honest about Microsoft and their recent business strategies.
So with that out the way let us move on.
There are two things I want to mention here:
1) The lack of current headset support on the Xbox One
2) The total arsehole way Microsoft are going about trying to obtain the domain names '' & ''.
The first issue in hand is regarding the whole headset situation. These details have already been known for a good few days and I wasn't going to mention it in this article (I was going to focus on the domain problem instead) but I figured that if I was gonna moan about one thing regarding M$, I might as well moan about two things instead (Mike logic).
You probably already know that the Xbox One is not going to support current Xbox headsets however let me get this straight with you, just so you're 100% with the info and not at all unsure.
The Xbox One is not going to support ANY current Xbox headsets, not just the Microsoft ones. So if you thought that only those shitty £10 Microsoft headsets that hurt like hell and only give you voice chat were the only ones not going to work on the next-gen console, you are wrong. If you own Astros, Trittons, Turtle Beaches - whatever - they're not going to work.
This is due to the port on the controller that connects to the headset being different on the Xbox One. That said, as it is ONLY the speech port that is different, you may still be able to use your headset to listen to the gameplay, but you definitely can't chat.
This is killer. This is like Microsoft personally coming up to me, you, everyone, and spitting in our faces. OK so you own a £40 pair of Tritton Detnators. Good headset by the way, but cheap. Not the BIGGEST deal - although still a bum that it won't work. But many headsets cost easily over £100. Over ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. And you're saying that they won't work, M$? Well fuck you too.
And you know the worst part? You can't necessarily take your headset and use it on the PS4 instead, regardless of whether the chat system on that hasn't changed, because some headsets, like the Tritton Detonators, Warhead and Primer are ONLY on Xbox. So they're not compatible with Sony's own brand of console.
Microsoft Being Dicks About Headsets & DomainsObviously the only benefits of this go to Microsoft themselves. They care about their own profits and business, just like every company, however their tactics are disgusting. So why, why would they do this?
If the Xbox One has a unique chat port, which I'm guessing it does, it may mean that Microsoft simply wants to develop the headsets for the console themselves or only allow certified companies to do so. Like Tritton or Turtle Beach. It doesn't matter how they go about it though, the bottom line is they will be making extra bucks out of this design decision. And that is all that matters. To them anyway.
Oh and they're also saying this decision to not allow current headsets to be used on the Xbox One is for the USER experience, that it is to BENEFIT you. Yeah, go fuck yourself Microsoft.
But I'm not done! Yaaaay. Onto the second point.
This one is really recent and it is regarding the domains '' and ''. As you know, the new console is called the 'Xbox One' and Microsoft want to obtain the domain name. Unfortunately for them the domain name is already in use. Yes, is taken and Microsoft is filing a complaint in order to try and gain control of it.
So there is one particular instance in which Microsoft would be perfectly fine to make this complaint. First of all if the domain names ''  and '' had only been set up a week ago, preferably shortly after the Xbox One reveal, and had nothing on them except a blank site, then that is easily called out as domain camping.
However the issue with this is that the guy who own the domains set it up a year and a half ago. Yes 18 months ago. So unless he had inside information about Microsoft's Xbox naming plans and decided to camp down and take the domain in the hope of getting some extra cash, he has probably set up the websites unaware of the future issues he might/would cause.
Ultimately my overall problem with this, for me, is Microsoft's attitude towards it. They've 'filed a complaint'. Yes they have 'complained' about someone owning a domain THEY want. Big fucking deal Microsoft. Get over yourselves. Other people can own domains too. You have no right, no right at all to seize those domains from that man. He has as much right to own them as you do.
Microsoft Being Dicks About Headsets & Domains
What really gets me is that Microsoft has the domains and registered already and have done for some time. Why register them and NOT the domain with the actual name of your console in it? I mean did they not decide on the name until NOW? Really? REALLY? If so then that is terrible planning. Really terrible. And if they just forgot to register it? Well tough luck.
In my mind they should just use the current domain anyway. Why are they trying to make all their products separate? However it's likely that they didn't actually plan on making the domain the actual website for the Xbox One and instead would have the domain link BACK to the normal website. Quite like how when you type in you are redirected to the website.
Will Microsoft win the battle for the domains? Who do you want to win? What do you think about the headsets? What do you think of it all? Leave yo comments, BELOW.

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