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Where We're Headed

By M00kyst @mookyst
After my mid-blog crisis (yes, yes that's a thing... I think) when I rashly decided to get rid of this blog (which I've worked fucking hard on for the past... Uh... Ages) I think it's only fair I owe peeps an explanation of what I plan to do with my life and this blog.
So as you no doubt know, I'm set on becoming famous. Not because fame is something I think is good or appealing, more because 'fame' itself means you have achieved something. I want to be an actor, a director and, hopefully, a musician too. I don't want to be some 'famous' guy, I want to be a guy who is well known for achieving his dreams and producing great entertainment. 
Next year I am going to University in London and after the 3 years are done there I plan on staying in London, getting an agent and forcing myself into the industry.
What does that mean for this site?
Well I have a very lightehearted approach to it now as there is no pressure to fulfill any needs I might have. Really, I'm just going to keep posting... Stuff.. I guess.
What stuff? I don't know. No idea at all. Just whatever. I'll keep everyone updated with my road to glory and success and on that road I'll also post some articles relating to what-the-hell-ever and maybe some videos. Again, I have no idea where life will take me or where I might be in 5 years.
But hey, at least we can make the journey together. 
My apologies for being a prick, however, and almost getting rid of this blog. My bad. Poor judgment call. Anyway, at least we're back and we know where we're going!

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