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Michael Winner – An Appreciation By Oily George

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback

Michael Winner – An Appreciation By Oily George


Dear Readers,

You will by now be aware of the passing of my dear daylong friend and fellow social leper the great filmmaker and ghastly gastronomic geriatric love hound Mr Michael Winner.

Michael Winner

Michael Winner

I first met Mike back in ’76 on the set of political thriller ‘Oops My Bra Has Fallen Off”  set in a Woman’s extremely open prison on the Copacabana Beach starring Raquel Welch and Brigitte Bardot. It never quite made it to the big screen but can be found on certain websites. Just don’t tell Ms Bardot. She is a feisty sort and may sue.

It was actually this movie which gave Mikey the idea for ‘Deathwish 8: Milk It’. It was an event that cemented our friendship for hours to come.

We did fall out shortly after that movies completion – an argument over my errant hand upon his then wife’s even more errant and rather wantonly provocative, lascivious left buttock- and I haven’t seen, spoken to or indeed, thought of him since but I am nevertheless truly upset about his passing and am finding it difficult to cope. And lets face it this obituary is really all about me.

My heart goes out to his wives and girlfriends all of whom I intend to offer suck…….. sorry succor and comfort in the days to come. And come we shall.

I also feel for Mobil Oil. They are going to have to find a new supply line now that the true Oilmeister has slid on. I wonder who could step into the breach at short notice. Answers on a postcardAs the song goes every cloud has a silver lining. So Mrs Winners 1, 2 and 3, do hold me close don’t let me go. Lets all be in this together.

Oooh yes please.

Inconsolably yours


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