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Metcalfes Skinny Dark Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes

By Meowitserin
Now I do love a good bar of Galaxy or Dairy Milk but my favorite type of chocolate is dark so I snapped up a bag of these Metcalfe dark chocolate mini rice cakes on offer for a pound in Sainsburys! They were a good size to munch in one or two small bites and left you feeling quite satisfied after, but the bag intended for it to be eaten in two servings of 25g but I decided to have a bit of a YOLO moment ( did I really just say that?...) and eat the entire bag in one go. And it was quite easy to do without feeling sickly or too full and it was an easy way to eat 240 calories. The rice cakes were crunchy and light with a good covering of nice quality dark chocolate on one side and overall I really enjoyed them, it is just the serving size that I have a bit of a problem with because it is a bit small, but that is me being greedy rather than anything else!Rating - 8.5/10Calories - 118 for 25gBuy Again - YesVegan - YesMetcalfes Skinny Dark Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes

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