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Merry X-Mas From the Solar Car Team

By Bertyc @bertyc
Hey Everyone!
We haven't updated our blog in a while so here is some random stuff we have been working on!
Construction of Axiom's new and more advanced Solar Cell Array is in progress. Right now we are roughly 20% completed after just 2 days of work. We should be finishing up in the next week or so. Our process has been much improved by various innovations in the way we make modules. The new array will be half the weight, more powerful, and much more durable compared to the previous array.
George and Denny have been building modules all day and it looks like we will hit an impressive 5 modules completed for the day.
Merry X-Mas From the Solar Car Team
-Above: George Re-organizing the shop, John measuring something.
Merry X-Mas From the Solar Car Team
-Above: George guarding the oven against solar panel robbers.
See the picture below for a glimpse of our new awesome steering wheel!
Merry X-Mas From the Solar Car Team
At about 1/3 the weight of the old one, it combines extremely light weight construction with greater ease of use. The drivers will now only have to deal with 5 switches instead of the previous 11. The steering wheel now houses the new Superboard designed by Jeff that takes care of all the driver controls, telemetry, and blinker lights.
The mold has also been under repair in preparation of our new top shell layup that will be happening in just a few weeks.
Merry X-Mas From the Solar Car Team
-Above: Mold under repair
Merry Christmas!
Tim Gamber
Electrical Engineering Manager

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