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By Bethschreibmangehring

Turning your house into a home!

Beth can come to your home or apartment and work personally with you or work with you through telephone and email to help you create  your own personal vision to establish the look and feel of your space and how you will enjoy living within it.  Through her signature vision boarding process , you'll establish a list of what's needed and then decide upon a timeline and process for execution. Artwork,  fashion &  jewelry for your personal style, furniture & room colors, tableware, cookware, accessories & decorative finishings...all of these and more will be taken into consideration with your tastes guiding the process!


Even an apartment can show off your exquisite personal style!

Over the years, Beth's friends have marveled at how she can turn even the drabbest rental space into a fabulous home! So often an apartment or rented condominium can feel so very cold, impersonal and industrial. Beth  will work with you to help you choose and then create the style for your apartment that is so lovely and personalized that you will thrive not survive in your rental!


Interior Styling

Interior Styling is the art of creating your home to be just the way that you like it.  Beth will be shopping for or with you for the other items we've determined will fit your style and needs. You'll have fun moving furniture and other things around in your home to freshen up your look and seeing how old can look new again! If we're having work done in your home (painting, papering, tiling, built-ins etc,) she'll help to ensure that it's done to your specifications and in a timely fashion.



Quite often a room just needs a few beautiful pieces to  make it more vibrant and exciting to live in. Over the years Beth has accumulated many wonderful resources to do just that . She will take the time to find just the right pieces for you and provide you with several fabulous options to choose from!


Seasonal Celebrations

Need a fresh idea for your holiday decorating , New Years Eve Party or help planning a surprise Valentines Day Dinner for your sweetie? Let Beth help you create  your holidays to look the way that you've always wanted them too! No Christmas tree is too daunting or doorway too awkward!


Personal Shopping 

Does the thought of shopping for a special gift for that special someone fill you with dread?

Are you just too busy to figure out how to handle all of your corporate gifting needs?

 Stumped about favors for the wedding shower that you're giving next week?

Do you need some assistance choosing a special award for the  person being honored next week by your company or organization?

 Sometimes you just need an extra pair of eyes or some specialized expertise to help you choose the gifts that you'll love to give or some gorgeous new things to spruce up your home or wardrobe!  If you don't have the time or energy , Beth will be happy to handle all of that and more for you!


Bridal registry Consultation

There's nothing like a wedding to bring both joy and craziness to your life! The most fun part, registering for  your gifts can also become the most complicated given the maze of resources available to choose from.  Let Beth help  you create a gift registry will work for you.  She'll help you put together a gift list full of beautiful things that  you'll love and be proud to pass down to your  children and grandchildren. With over 27 years experience in the Bridal and Giftware business , Beth is  uniquely equipped to help you  navigate the ins and outs of  working with different stores, so that you can avoid wedding gift duplications and make sure that your gift  registry is working for you, not the other way around!


Entertaining and Event Planning

Beth has spent many decades planning events and parties, both in private homes and corporate settings. She has also been involved in the planning of many weddings, numerous charity events and benefits for many of Cleveland's most prominent organizations. She'll bring her trademark style and sense of "What works" to your party or event whether it be for 2 or 20.

  Gift Certificates are Available! 


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