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Mental Breakdown Is A Serious Psychiatric Condition

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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A mental breakdown or nervous breakdown  is a term used to describe a person who has suffered a psychological or an emotional collapse. It is not a medical term and something that people use when they refer to someone under extreme mental strain.

“Am I having a mental breakdown?” Mothers ask me and it can be difficult to offer advice, without knowing and understanding the other symptoms that that the victim of this mental state has.

A person suffering from a mental or nervous breakdown will experience symptoms most associated to those suffering from severe depression. They will find that it is difficult to function normally and their normal days become struggle. Feeling somehow out of touch with reality is a sure sign that they are suffering from a nervous breakdown.

A nervous breakdown occurs usually months after depression or other built up stresses have accumulated and have not seen intervention from the medical world.

There are many symptoms that occur due to a nervous breakdown ranging from extreme tiredness, confusion, feelings of being worthless and excessive crying. Meeting and enduring the simplest of everyday tasks are no longer being met.

A mental breakdown is a serious psychiatric condition that requires immediate medial attention.

I have personally suffered from 2 mental breakdowns, I remember after months of struggling with severe depression, I had stopped taking my antidepressants and within weeks my world seemed to be falling apart all around me.

My opinions of myself were very low, self-confidence and belief were stolen. I was not eating and not sleeping. I was exhausted yet still having to try to meet the needs of a full time career. I began to make mistakes, putting milk in the washing machine and leaving my purse in a shop for example.

Watching television was a struggle as I could not concentrate long enough. I awoke one morning in a confused state, I found it difficult to remember what day it was, I could not think what my name even was. Walking back from the school after dropping the children off, walking up the road it felt that I was stood still while everyone ran passed me.

Thankfully did receive medical intervention and after many months of appointments and medication the breakdown subsided.

If you believe you are suffering from a mental breakdown please speak out.

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