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Menswear Trends for 2018

Posted on the 04 January 2018 by Radzkid

The 2017 has come to an end. So, what is gonna be the trend for menstyle in 2018?

Usually there is not so many change in trend for menswear. But still, some styles are fading and some others are increasing popularity. Here is our coverage for the menswear trends in 2018 which some of them successfully stole some attentions in the major fashion weeks.

The Casual Whites

Menswear Trends for 2018

Street style in White. pic : pinterest

In style, staying cool is top priority. A way that guys can beat the heat and keep cool and calm is by wearing a breezy outfit especially white. It gives minimal vibe and still cool.

Being casual in white top has been a trend since years ago, and it will still be the trend until some years in the future. The classic will never die, so invest in good white tops.

The 70s-80s

Menswear Trends for 2018

The 70s. pic : Vogue Paris

Pastel color, light wash jeans, sportswear, cardigans, accented sweater, and beards. The trend from the peace and love era actually has emerged since 4-5 years ago and it will become more popular next year.

Well, the idea of this style is not to be costume-ish old-ish, blend the outfit with what you have on the wardrobe. So the classic can still look fresh.

The Vertical Stripes

Menswear Trends for 2018

Vertical Stripes Shirt. pic : TheIdleMan

The vertical stripes shirt is also a classic men’s wear. It works perfectly in both formal and casual situation. The shirt also comes in a variety of color and thickness, but the more classic version is the pinstripe.

The sort of pattern is not only eye-catching but also creates an illusion that you are taller and slimmer than you actually are.  Well, the checkered pattern is also still gonna be a thing but the popularity is decreasing.

The Stoned / The Earthy Tones

Menswear Trends for 2018

The Earthy Tones. pic : Real Man Real Style

Stone color / Earthy tones outfit is the alternative for sun-friendly color outfit beside white. If you are afraid that your white top will get some noticeable dirt or already change color, then this color will be right for you.

The color also has a healthy dose of statement, it is cool and not really stand out.

The Millenial Pink-ish

Menswear Trends for 2018

Men in Pink. pic : GQ

This one is growing up for the year of 2018. The pastel pink or the warm and blush rose color will growing up in popularity after the pastel popularity in recent years. It is a little bit bolder than pastel, but warmer and gives more statement.

Well, personally i don’t like pink… But some articles said that it is going to be popular. Take note guys.

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Putu Radar Bahurekso
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