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Memories From Glastonbury

By Cleverbuttons @cleverbuttons

Hi All,

I can’t believe that I am not going to any festivals this year! It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that I am quietly jealous of the people I have seen today leaving for Glastonbury.

Now, as a seasoned Festival goer, I implore everyone to try Glastonbury at least once in their lives. It is so far removed from Leeds or V festival and you certainly wont understand what I mean unless you have been their yourself. It is not just about the music – oh no. Last time I went it was full of circus acts, artists, drama and poetry reading as well as the amazing music and lots of mud. It certainly is a holiday – almost like traveling to a different world. So, with this in mind, here are some top tips for having the best time at Glastonbury this year and surviving the mud.

Glastonbury festival

Not just any shorts – old shorts

Fashion at Glastonbury is completely different from other festivals – you have to consider it more. Last time I went we abandoned our clothing (apart from what we were wearing) before we returned. You wont just get slightly muddy, oh no, if it rains more than once you will be covered head to toes.

Festival shorts

The number one rule for this festival is the older the clothes the better. I am not saying you have to forget fashion and wear that bar of jogging bottoms that have been festering at the bottom of our drawers – we all have a pair. No, this is about either buying a cheap pair of shorts you can afford to ruin or going through our old clothes and re working what we have. For me, the general look is denim shorts or shirt and a pain tank top. This is a great pallet to start working upon, adding in necklaces, friendship bracelets and a hat.

Water and lots of it

This may sound like an obvious suggestion, but when you are sat in a field all day, drinking beer and dancing. This will lead to dehydration, it’s as simple as that! Another reason to always have water with you is to make sure you have a dis solvable vitamin tablet in the morning. trust me, hangovers at festivals are not fun – you will need this. As I travel to festivals by car I can take massive amounts of water with me. However if you are getting the train, then you will need a good quality water bottle – remembering that you may not be able to take this into the arena with you.


Camp near to a source of water. This way you can down as much as you need in the morning to combat fatigue, hangovers and re hydrate before you begin the day.

Pack spare socks for the arena

You will be walking a lot. Whether you are heading to Glastonbury or you are waiting for Bestival, there will be masses of ground to cover throughout the day. I took a pedometer to Leeds festival once and I was averaging 6 miles walking every day, this will take its toll on your feet, especially if you are living in your wellies for the whole time. Rubber will rub your feet and if they do get wet, you risk infections or nasty blisters. So my final tip is to always take dry socks into the arena. Not only will they be helpful if it does pour with rain, but they also make a great little pillow when you need to get some shut eye during the day.

Festival Socks

If you don’t use them, then they make great sock puppets, hand warmers and even hats :)

Wherever you are heading, have fun! This is one of those moments you will remember for ever. My favorite memory of any festival was at V Festival – standing on top of the hill, watching the sun come through the clouds whilst listening to Snow Patrol – it was surreal and beautiful.

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