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By Ros @scotlandphohos

Well, with a topic like that suggested for this week’s gallery, I have to post just one more Taransay photo. It’s been 10 years of fantastic memories for me, and I’m sure many of the other folk who’ve been to the fiddle camp can reflect on many happy times too. But Taransay has had many more inhabitants over it’s history – it’s a place full of evidence of folk who have lived there, from the community who called it home for hundreds of years, to the Castaways who spent a year in the first reality TV show.

Now we’re waiting to find out if the new owner of the island will continue to rent out the 2 houses that have become a regular holiday venue for so many folk who have fallen in love with the island.

How can you capture those memories in a single photo? I’m not sure it’s possible, but I was aware during the fortnight I spent there this year that I felt extremely lucky to have had the chance to spend so much time on the island.

I was also aware that nothing lasts forever.

Photo - corner of the remains of an island greenhouse, Taransay, Scotland


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