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Memorable Movie Moments : Pink

Posted on the 23 July 2015 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround


Since I’ve been quite absent most of the time this month, I feel like delivering one feature more this week. Posting Pink Moments on Valentine’s Day was too ordinary, so I decided to post the red one instead (the previous edition). Talking about pink in movies, you’ll immediately linked it too wardrobe or costume, and obviously girly. Funny how I always see myself as a tomboy, but I have pink frame glasses and a couple clothes with the color.

If you’re new with the feature, basically I provide several images with one similarity but all from memorable scene. It’s a game, so I give a little bit hint. It’s an easy one, so I’m sure you can guess it. Here’s 5 Memorable Pink Movie Moments :

 photo _pink01_zpsqfpsbdgq.jpg

Got invited to hang out in the mall with the most popular girls in her new high school and must wear pink, ironically she borrowed her pink cloth from her guy friend.

 photo _pink02_zpskomxwmrz.jpg

She decided to come to her prom night and wear pink to give a statement.

 photo _pink04_zpsg4daxorr.jpg

Her warm personality and stylish look makes her wear pink like she owns it, but sadly she’s considered shallow.

 photo _pink03_zpszt5ts6tz.jpg

These two people are in love and surrounded by pink atmosphere.

 photo _pink05_zpsgkog3ckl.jpg
Something about her fearless and mysterious personality makes her unforgettable, especially after faced with her boyfriend’s betrayal


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