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Memorable Movie Moments #7 : Elevator

Posted on the 29 August 2013 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

As we’re reaching the end of the week and most of you probably have one or two movies to watch, let’s get back to reminiscing movie moments. This time, it’s about memorable scenes in elevators. As I was gathering the images, I realized that half of them is on my top favorite movies. To think about it, elevators is such a terrific place to ‘randomly’ just be with another person that we interested with. It’s like a un-synchronized lucky coincidence, but a real wonderful/disaster moment. Just us and one person we might want to be with/avoid, and perhaps a CCTV.

Anyways, here’s my favorite elevator scenes in a movie :

 photo elevator1_zps6fa2f853.jpg

 photo elevator2_zps3a5470a2.jpg

 photo elevator3_zpscca454bd.jpg

 photo elevator4_zps9d7d3df3.jpg

 photo elevator5_zps55a85f4b.png



Readers, what’s your favorite elevator scene? Can you guess what movies these scenes I put?


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