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Memorable Movie Moments #6 : Bench

Posted on the 04 July 2013 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

Banner MMM benchWe’re reaching the weekend :) Why don’t we sit back relax. This is probably one of the most simple activity ever in a movie. You see so much scenes involving character/s sitting in a bench. But how many stick in your mind? Well, here’s my version (don’t forget to guess what movie the scene belongs). I give a little hint (again), just for fun :
 photo MMM_1_zps6c99233f.jpg

1. Robin Williams is so wise, at least in this movie

 photo MMM_7_zpscdd80a5e.jpg

2. The two high school kids just dying to go to college

 photo MMM_4_zps60666d03.jpg

3. Before Paris, the director loved this city a lot to give a movie title with its name

 photo MMM_5_zps999f3aa6.jpg

4. After being apart for some time, these two people meet again and catch up

 photo MMM_3_zps9755a9ab.jpg

5. This is too iconic to give a hint

 photo MMM_6_zps0ba09c4a.jpg

6. He draws buildings (and his dreams) in her arms

 photo MMM_2_zpsfab2db60.jpg

7. The only movie where Keanu Reeves wears a long black suit


Readers, what’s your favorite bench scene in a movie? And since it’s Friday, have a blast weekend!

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