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Memorable Movie Moments #10 : Long Walking

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

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Happy TGIF, folks! It’s the third week of fasting month here, so I’ve been busy cooking/preparing meals and taking care of the house (Lol, but it’s true). So when I finally get myself in front of the screen to blog, I yawn (unfortunately). But I’m here to post the 10th post of Memorable Movie Moments. I didn’t post this feature very often, because I need many movie references. While many movie is good, but a memorable scene sometimes is rare. After posting memorable running moments, there should be a memorable long-walking moments.

Why do people go for a long walk? Walking is the earliest method to travel, the point is to reach a place. Why they don’t use transportation sometimes because it’s a choice. They see and experience something new, they learn and also grow. But sometimes, they are just crazy enough to have a long walk. Here’s my picks of 5 memorable long walking moments :

 photo MMM_longwalk1_zpscd0f4fab.jpg

A couple of beautiful strangers decided to walk and talk through Vienna. Romantic, spontaneous and lively.

 photo MMM_longwalk2_zps1281adbb.jpg

A little girl stranded in a strange world, told to walk in a yellow path and met some fellow down the road.

 photo MMM_longwalk3_zps88b6bfb9.jpg

A group of men (and little men) walk a very, very long road for a heavy task, to destroy a jewelry.

 photo MMM_longwalk4_zps92adb688.jpg

These little boys bonded over their trip to find a missing body of a kid.

 photo MMM_longwalk5_zpsa33c1fae.jpg

This poor old man won a lottery and crazy enough to walk all through another city to pick the prize.


Can you guess them all? What is your favorite long-walking scene?

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