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Melon & Carrot Pupsicles

By Tiniest_bean @tiniest_bean
Melon & Carrot Pupsicles
This recipe is perfect for owners that love their Pups! Although I am calling them pupsicles, these are perfect treats for kids and adults too!They only have three ingredients so they are super simple to make. They are just cantaloupe,yogurt and carrot juice. Blend them all together and fill some ice trays and you got yourself a yummy treat that the pup (or kid) in your life will love!
I found a rendition of this recipe in Rachael Ray's July magazine. She served it as an actual chilled soup,which I thought was a little weird because I pictured my pug lapping up the soup and dripping it all over the place in her beard. So I opted to freeze the soup and make pupsicles! My dog Meatball loves these pupsicles. The carrot juice and the cantaloupe make these treats so sweet and yummy. Plus, they are frozen which is perfect  for the summer and they can cool you or your pup down. If you want to serve these to kids, you can still fill them in an ice tray and add a Popsicle stick in the tray while they are freezing!

Melon & Carrot Pupsicles

Meatball Approved!!!!

Note: You can buy small bottles of carrot juice at the gorcery store for fairly cheap. If you think you might use carrot juice in other recipes feel free to buy a larger container. 

Melon & Carrot Pupsicles

24 pupsicles ( 2 ice trays)

Ingredients:2 cups cubed melon1 cup plain yogurt1 cup carrot juice
1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor or a blender until smooth. 2. With a spoon scoop the mixture into an ice tray. Freeze for four hours or overnight until solid. 

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