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Medifast: Getting "un-stuck"

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
¡Hola! Very Busy Mamรก checking in. I haven't forgotten you lovely readers, it's just been a busy few weeks.  
As many of you know, I've been on Medifast since the end of February to lose weight to have a healthier second pregnancy (yes, we are baking!)
I continue to exercise and make healthy choices and really manage my portion control, everything that Medifast has helped me achieve. 
But I got stuck. And I'm talking MEGA stuck. Like only a weight loss of 2 lbs in a month and a half. I started sneaking in other foods not on the plan and it all went bottoms up. 
I think it was also a mental thing more than anything and thanks to the support from my nutritionist Meredith and behavioral therapist Nick I was able to break past the "plateau" and I've lost another 5 lbs after not making any progress in over a month. 
It all went a little something like this...

And if you are on a weight loss journey, even if its 10, 15, 20 lbs or more and want to have a go with Medifast, they have a fantastic customer saving program and you can use my coupon code: BUSYMAMA56, and sign up for Medifast Advantage. Also when you order $250+, you’ll receive 56 free Medifast Meals and free shipping!  Here are the details: For your first order of $250+, use my code, and enroll in Medifast Advantage to receive 28 free meals.  Do the same on your next order and you’ll receive ANOTHER 28 free meals! This offer is only valid if you enroll in Medifast Advantage, and it’s limited to one per customer. It’s not valid with prior purchases, any other promotions or discounts, or for Medifast Ready-to-Drink Shakes. Sorry!

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I'll answer it in my next post and mention your site. And if I can't answer it I'll make sure to get someone from the Medifast team to help you out. 

I've lost 16 lbs so far and the feeling is incredible! Summer is coming and the pools open in a few weeks and I *think* I may actually be able to wear a bikini for the first time in 7 years (last time was on my honeymoon) or at the very least feel more confident with my body being exposed - even if it's in a one piece.
The Mr. still can't believe his eyes!!
-- *I am an official Medifast Blogger. I am provided with Medifast meals, a support team with a nutritionist, therapist and access to an online community free of charge in exchange for blogging/vlogging my progress.. I am not compensated in any other way. ALL views, opinions and especially the will power are my own*

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