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McQueen is the One for Me.

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
McQueen is the one for me.
Usually when a 'fashion fad' arises I tend to try my best to avoid it. Knowing all to well when next season comes around that £300 pair of boots I bought 3 months ago will never be worn again. I can remember thinking this exact thought when Alexander McQueen's skull scarfs arrived, I thought they were unusual and stunning but was reluctant to ever splash the cash, but as time went on and my yearning for what I can only describe as the softest, silky and beautifully made scarfs grew. I'm lucky to have Bicester Village a 30 minute drive away and when they got in the exact scarf I'd been after and it was down to just £55!! (I KNOW). I gave in, handed over my card and have never regretted it, not that you would at just £55 anyway...! 3 years on from buying my skull scarf though I still crave more of them. These bad boys are now as iconic as a red sole on a Louboutin, they also seem to be the ideal accessory to finish off any outfit. Whether that be a draping over the neck, a quick 'air hostess bow' or even a hippy headscarf for the summer. I love the khaki, mainly because I know that it's a color that really suits me! The baby blue and pink are great however for Spring/Summer! First pay check in 2 weeks, can anybody take a guess at what I'm gonna be buying....?
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McQueen is the one for me.

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