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Maybe He’s Not Single: 5 Signs He May Not Be Available

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Maybe He’s Not Single: 5 Signs He May Not Be AvailableAs you may recall, I posted in a previous blog that just because someone shows interest in you or asks for your number doesn’t mean they’re single. We often make the assumption that just because this person is flirty means that they’re a free bird; this is not always the case. Experience has taught me well! People often enact the don’t ask, don’t tell scenario when  it comes to pursuing someone. Translation, if you don’t ask me whether I’m single or not I won’t tell you otherwise.

They Develop Very Specific Patterns

First off, you will notice a very specific pattern. Maybe they only call on certain days or they call at very specific hours. When you call, they do not answer but call you back during the hours that they normally contact you. After awhile you will begin to notice that this person only calls you at 9pm or during the early evening. Text messages will also become they’re main point of contact.

Let’s Go on a Field Trip

I once went out on a date with a guy a few years ago who took me to a restaurant about 45 miles from where he lives. I went along with it casually noting things in my head as we drove along the highway. After being seated and placing our order, I politely looked at him and asked “so how long have you been married?” He looked at me dumbfounded and shocked (the deer in the headlights look) then responded seven years! I spent the rest of the evening listening to his marriage problems. This taught me one valuable thing if someone drives 45 miles outside the city to take you out with these gas prices; something wrong!

They Seem to Ignore all Their Phone Calls

If and when you go out, do you find they’re ignoring a bunch of phone calls? And on top of that, is someone calling back to back? This could be a definite indicator that they’re ignoring their beloved boo’s call. Trust me, no friend calls anyone back to back like that; pissed off partners do!

No Love on the Weekends

The weekend is the most obvious time to go on a date and hook up. However, you find that this person is nowhere to be found. You know they’re not working, but you find that on the weekends they disappear. People who are married or in a committed relationship have a hard time getting away with stuff on the weekends. It takes very strategic planning so be able to get away from your boo on Friday – Sunday. Unless, they’re partner is working or out of town; their weekends are very limited.

Gut Instincts

Always trust your gut! If your gut tells you something isn’t right then generally something is not right. However, there are exceptions to this, if you suffer from over thinking syndrome, this highly affects your instincts. Because over thinking will make you imagine and questioned things that don’t need to be questioned. Over thinking is a whole different topic by itself!

In closing, I think the important factor to remember here is whatever is done in the dark will eventually come to the light…..These are just some tips to help you get to the light slightly faster.


Have you ever dated anyone and later found out they were married or in a committed relationship?


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