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May Beauty Favorites

By Sassysweetstyle @ChaniaB

Where the heck is this year going? It’s been forever since I have written it seems, & I wanted to write something fun.

These are some beauty products I have been obsessed with lately. :)


1. Acure Argan Stem Cell + Chlorella Growth Factor Brightening Facial Scrub

Since moving, I’ve been experiencing actual seasons & therefore different climates AND different water. In the process, my skin has been freaking out way more than usual.  While parusing the aisle of Whole Foods, I stumbled on this scrub.  As soon as I saw “Stem Cells” & “Chlorella Growth Factor” (for those of you who know about a lot of supplements you’ll get my excitement! ), I couldn’t throw it in my cart fast enough.  The exfoliant in this is JUST right! Not too tiny to clog your pores, but not so huge that you feel like you’re using 60 grit sandpaper on your face.  My face felt super soft afterwards & was PLUMP{in a good way, not in a bee sting way}. I have crazy sensitive fair skin & have not experienced any reactions or adverse affects using the recommended 3 treatments a week.

2. Pristine Beauty Hooray for Brallywood Butta

This was another Whole Foods find.  I was immediately drawn to the packaging by how glamorous it looked.  They had a tester, so I tried it on the fresh curling wand burn on my forearm that was starting to rage again. Within seriously a minute the burning sensation went away. Initially, I was turned off by the price tag, so I didn’t purchase for a while. After reading about it & finding out that it was created by a Breast Cancer survivor, I decided to go back & purchase. O-M-G. If you have ever been a loyal Oil of Olay moisturizer customer (which was my chemical laden Holy Grail moisturizer before getting Graves’ Disease) BUY THIS! The texture & skin results are identical but with an added bonus, it smells like PINK STARBURST! I only use 1 pump so it should last a while.

3. Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser

I bought this along with the scrub as an everyday cleanser.  I use the tiniest amount & my skin feels super soft. I’m really enjoying this Acure line!

4. Paul Mitchell Pardon My French Express Ion Dry+ Limited Edition

Not only has my skin changed, so has my hair.  It has quickly gone from a fine, dry, tangled mess, to a fine, limp,tangled mess.  I usually just air dry my hair to prevent heat damage since my hair was so dry. My Drugstore blow dryer rarely saw the light of day.  After looking online at pins, youtube videos & articles, I read that if I blow dried my hair with a Salon quality hairdryer, it should look better. Not having a clue of where to start, I just texted my hair magician to see what she recommended.  She recommended this one, & it happened to be available in a Limited Edition print.  How cute is it? It has a ton of heat settings & my hair dries faster  than it ever has.

5. Color Proof Hair Care Volume System

The biggest solution to my stringy hair problem.  As another recommendation from my hair magician, I ordered these guys on  Amazon.  Holy Big Texas Hair Batman! After just ONE use, I saw a HUGE difference in the way my hair looked.  The conditioner smells like Marshmallows as an added bonus.

6. Sarah Potempa Beachwaver S1

Another hair splurge.  After burning myself again with my curling wand, I was beyond frustrated. I always used the heat glove but somehow I always managed to burn my shoulder, ear or forearm.  Since regular clamp curling irons pull out my hair & leave creases, I was at a loss. During a regular mindless celebrity gossip session on, I saw an advertised special for the Beachwaver.  Curiosity got the best of me & when I saw it was on special for a cheaper price than it ever had been, I went for it.  Curl City! There’s different methods to achieve 3 curl styles. I tried all of them.  Not only did I have the most beautiful curls that ACTUALLY resembled the picture on the box, but they were BOUNCY & held.  My hair did not get tangled once, nor did I burn myself.  Probably one of the best features is the extensive temperature control so you can really achieve maximum results with as little heat as possible for your hair type.

Whew was that ever long winded! I love finding new treasures, can’t help myself sometimes! 😉

What products have you been loving?

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