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By Sassysweetstyle @ChaniaB
I was doing some quick maintenance on the blog this morning {updates & spam comment removal mostly} & I realized I haven’t posted anything since the end of December. EPIC. BLOGGER. FAIL.  While it has been nice to have one less thing on my plate, I have missed writing, creativity, & interacting with other people.  I definitely plan on rebranding, but it is such a huge task, that I really need the time to devote to research & decide if it is an animal I can tackle on my own or if I should just bite the bullet & hire someone.  Have any of you rebranded? Which route did you take?

The source of my huge absence has been a giant life change.  My husband has been incredibly unhappy with his job for at least 2 years.  He finally got to a breaking point, so we were actively looking for better options since probably May {I think} of 2014.  He FINALLY got a  new position in January  of 2015 in NORTH CAROLINA.  We literally had 3 weeks to put our house on the market, find a new place to live, & a preschool for K all sight unseen in person.  Can I just say that Military families are rockstars for having to do this so frequently? My hat is off to you, seriously.

FORTUNATELY, our house was under contract within 4 days of listing it, so we were able to bump our budget up for an area that was much more desirable than what our previous budget was.  If my in-laws hadn’t toured areas for us so we could save $$ on flights, I don’t know what we would have done.  With everything in place, we packed up the 2300 square feet of our starter home that we poured our blood, sweat & {my} tears into inside 2 UHAULS & my Husband’s enclosed trailer for our new adventure.  My entire family pitched in with watching my daughter so we could pack, helped us load the UHAULs, cleaned & drove with us the long 12 hours to North Carolina.
Ever since, we’ve been unpacking, organizing & generally getting adjusted to “Suburbia Normalcy”. My Husband actually has a traditional Monday-Friday job without working Weekends & Holidays for the 1st. time since I’ve known him.  We’re in the gym getting healthy, & we have a  much more structured home life.  In our previous home, we had to drive 40 minutes to get to school, & pretty much any other business other than Wal-Mart & Target {thank God for a Starbucks in our Target!}.  Now the most we have to drive is 20 minutes.  So instead of spending so much of our day in the car, I am home SO much more so it’s a bajillion times easier to stay on top of cooking, cleaning & laundry than it was before.  The biggest change is that I am much less tired than I was.  Driving took way more out of me than I thought!
We’re still getting used to things being a little bit more expensive because of taxes & general costs are more, but I think the money we will be saving in gas will help balance it.  I LOVE the fact that I now have access to Harris Teeter, ALDI, Trader Joes & Whole Foods! I’ve found so many businesses with things that I’m used to in Florida, but also a lot of the things my Husband is used to from up North.  It definitely seems like it is a nice blend of our traditional things we both love.  We love the area so much we are seriously thinking of staying permanently, but we still have a whole year left to ‘officially decide’.

I think I’ve probably bored you to death my now. LOL. I have some reviews in the works & HOPEFULLY during my daughter’s Spring Break I will be able to focus on rebranding & get it up & running with more frequent posts now that we’re settling into our routine.

What things would YOU like to see/read on the blog?


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