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Matthew 25

By Mike Bullock


One day soon, in this dark world
The Son of man will reappear
And those of His with shining lights
Will run to Him bereft of fear
But those whose reservoirs ran out
Will cower, shaking in the gloom
Keep your stock of oil topped up
Or fade away to meet your doom.

He has given us His gifts
To share amongst this fallen world
If you plant in fertile soil
Then bounteous increase will unfurl
If you keep it to yourself
And hide it from the ones in need
Then don’t expect His outstretched arms
Instead you’ll feel His wrath indeed.

Sheep are animals that follow
Listen for their masters voice
Do the things that He commands them
They don’t believe they have a choice
Goats are stubborn, full of buts
They will argue to their grave
Do not fill the needs of Jesus
It’s themselves they try to save.

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