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Maternity Bra Advice

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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When breastfeeding your breasts will expand to proportions way beyond what you would have expected. You might think it means time to hang up you pretty bras and settle for something that would look better on your granny. But these days there are lots of choices for mums who want to look as well as feel good while breastfeeding.

You might not believe it, but your breasts will get even bigger when your baby is born and begins nursing, so don’t buy nursing bras too early in your pregnancy, or they won’t fit when you come to need them. Wait until the last few weeks of your pregnancy, and buy several. You can buy specialised maternity bras which provide the support and comfort you need during pregnancy. 

A good nursing bra has to be flexible to allow extra space for when your milk comes in. The cups should of course open and close easily, and you need to be able to release the cup with one hand, so that you can still hold baby whilst undoing your bra – multi-tasking abilities are a benefit here!

The opening should give plenty of room for your baby to latch comfortably and feed. Your bra should never constrict or squeeze your breasts, whether open or closed breastfeeding – a tight bra can cause your ducts to become blocked or for make it easier for mastitis to set in. This is why it’s best to buy several nursing bras, as you should never try to squeeze into your regular bras whilst breastfeeding.

You may want to purchase a sleep bra too, because your breasts may leak milk at night. It may also feel more comfortable to have your breasts supported at night-time if they are sensitive

Make sure that you have a professional fitting before you buy a nursing bra, either in store or through a specialist agency. When trying a bra, as with regular bras you must make sure that the cups fit comfortably without any overflow at the top. The centre seam should lie snugly but not too tightly against your breastbone, and the band shouldn’t ride up at the back.

Larger breasted women have in the past found it notoriously difficult to find any nursing bras in their size, let alone pretty ones! But in recent years specialised companies and boutiques have cropped up that cater for bigger breasts and include attractive and practical nursing bras.

Before you buy any maternity bras ensure they have the following:

  • Four hook adjustable and eye fastenings, for added comfort.
  • Wide, non-slip shoulder straps for extra support.
  • Cups that unclasp easily for convenience.
  • Broad side and back for extra support.

Helen Davies has fitted bras professionally for many years. She keeps a blog and advises pregnant women on their maternity and nursing bras. She often recommends they visit, an online maternity and nursing bra boutique.

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