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MatchMove Wallet: Safe, Easy and Fast Way to Shop Online

By Yongwei318
With technological advancements, consumers are getting more and more products and services via online shopping. Personally, I purchase clothes, makeup, gifts and book my flight, hotel and movie tickets online.
Sometime ago, I tasked my 20-year-old cousin, Elvin to get movie tickets on my behalf as we had plans to catch Spiderman together with Ebony so I took a photo of my credit card and whatsapp-ed him followed by sending him the CCV. Thinking back, I felt so silly. Although it was very convenient for me and Elvin, what if either of us lose our phone? Or had the data in our phones stolen? This would meant access to my credit card details!
If you find yourself in a similiar situation as me, you need not worry anymore because.. there's MatchMove Wallet, a globally recognized mobile eWallet that aims to provide safe, easy and fast online shopping experience for consumers.
All you need to sign up for a MatchMove Wallet account is:
- a Singapore residential address
- a valid email address
- to be at least 18 years old
- a valid Singapore mobile number
1) Signup for a MatchMove Wallet by entering your email address, name and password.

matchmove signup

Matchmove wallet signup

 2) Click on 'Get Virtual Pay' to get your card.

get virtual card

Matchmove wallet - Get Virual Pay

 3) Verify your identify by uploading your NRIC.

matchmove verify my identify

Verify my identify

 Ta-dah! There you go.. your very own MatchMove American Express Virtual Pay card. I think it resembles a real credit card, no? It even has its own 15 or 16 digit card number. To use the virtual card for your online purchases, top up your MatchMove wallet.
Similar to credit cards, you can apply a supplementary Virtual Pay card for your family or friends.

matchmove get a card for someone you care

Get a card for someone you care

 Besides that, there is an 'offers' page by Groupon where you can check out the latest deals.

matchmove wallet offers by groupon

Matchmove offers by Groupon

 You might ask.. why MatchMove when I have so many credit cards on hand already.
3 reasons why you should try MatchMove Wallet
1) Prepaid e-wallet
Top up your MatchMove Wallet with sufficient funds prior to checking out your purchases.
This allows you to limit your spending and makes it easier to track your expenses. Plus, I can create a few virtual cards, maybe one for the family use so that all of us can use that to book movie tickets or air tickets etc.   
2) Mobile-friendly

matchmove mobile friendly

MatchMove Wallet on my Samsung S4

If you are someone whom is always on the go like I am, you will be pleased to know that MatchMove Wallet platform is mobile-friendly so yays to no more of scrolling or trying to enlarge those small fonts on the desktop site with your phone.   
3) Works just like a credit card
Comes with 15 or 16 digit card number which uses the balance in your MatchMove Wallet to shop online. It can be used for all online shopping and transactions as long as the merchants accepts the card.
Instead of the usual CSC as with all credit cards, MatchMove Wallet generates a different code for each transaction, valid for 10 minutes. Before a merchant process your payment, a one-time pin will be sent to your mobile phone to complete the transaction.
Don't wait anymore, start shopping on your favorite sites that accepts American Express with Matchmove now!Fashion & Beauty
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