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Mastercard Moment – Priceless

By Survivingana @survivingana

Priceless momentSo I am sitting in the corner of my room, with tears running down my face. Sobbing for joy, for being the mother of these wonderful children. Yes it is late, yes I have had a couple of wines, and yes I am fragile today. A few past memories and missing mom as well. But so very proud of my kids.

Sophie and her older brother were talking on the phone. He is the one who jumped immediately into his car and drove through the night from the other side of our state to get home to see his sister in hospital when she was admitted. He was the one when left alone with her, told her how much she meant, that she needed to live, that he loved her so much. He has encouraged, counselled and supported her.

So on the phone I heard Sophie telling him that he is worth so much more than the way his current girlfriend treats him, the reasons that hanging onto the relationship are not enough to build a life upon and she loves him and wants more for him. Again encouragement, support and counseling.

They talked back and forth for ages, like the mature brother and sister relationships I have always hoped for and wanted for them.

More it shows Soph is growing up, that she is applying what she has learned in counseling to life, values herself, values those around her. The mask, isolation and lack of empathy she has worn like a mantle for the past few years is falling away. She continues to slowly separate from the ED. Thank you God.

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