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Massive Attack Will Be Presenting a New Audio/Video Project at Sonar 2014 Barcelona

By Vecie78 @NeverSayCool

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Published on March 13th, 2014 | by neversa3\

 reated way back in the year 1994, Sonar is a music festival which is enjoying first class reputation and seen by many as the bridge between various cultures and languages by the form of using music. The unique relationship between setting up a business, while maintaining the sanctity of music, creation and innovative ideas is what makes Sonar a success year after year. Hosted in Barcelona (Spain) the music festival along with all the artists has seen mobility of music in terms of organizing more than 50 such events around the world. Reykjavik, New York, London, Seoul, Lyon, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Denver, Oakland, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Osaka, Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Chicago, happen to be some of the many destinations that have had a chance to taste music from the perspective of the Sonar.

sonar 2014 barcelona music festival

sonar 2014 barcelona music festival

After the groundbreaking success of the series of shows designed and staged by film maker Adam Curtis and Robert Del Naja in the cities of New York, Manchester and Duisberg, Massive Attack will be playing at Sonar 10 years after their previous performance. According to a survey by The Guardian, the single “Unfinished Sympathy” from their debut album ‘Blue Lines’ was judged to be the best in the top 10 list of music history. Their journey however, did by no means stop or stall with just that. They went on to release many other record breaking albums like : ‘Protection’, ’100th Window, ‘Mezzanine” and ‘Heligoland’ as well as countless remixes and many singles that contributed in making up one the most personal dents in pop music experiments over the past two and a half decade.

massive-attack-sonar 2014 barcelona music festival

“The Sonar festival was and enlightening visual experience, which offered a huge variety of some of the best examples of digital art creation. It is a proof that Sonar –as an organization concerned with cutting edge art, music and technology- has firmly cemented its reputation as one of the largest and most progressive festival of its kind, while not compromising on innovation or experimentation.”

sonar 2014 barcelona music festival royksopp

There will be many artists that are expected to turn up on 12-14 June to perform at the Sonar 2014. Some of these are seasoned performers while others are new and are mainly looking for a platform to showcase their talent and get a launchpad for their future endeavors. Some of the confirmed names include the pillars of electronica like James Holden and Four Tet. Great expectations are set at the new audio visual show that would be put up by Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never, who enjoys the reputation of being one of the most amazing artists to show up on the scene of experimental pop music in the recent years. Caribou, Mike Levy, Noisia, Evian Christ, Jessy Lanza, Happa, aka Samir Alikhanizadeh, Nisennenmondai and Downliners Sekt happen to be some of the many names that will form the worldwide list of the performers in the dance, music and kaliedo shows on display at the Sonar.

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