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Masking Our Feelings.

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
   We all, at some time in our lives develop a persona to mask our true feelings. Wear a smile whilst inside our heart is breaking through tragedy. Adopt an upright stance and face some challenge or obstacle. Stifle an inappropriate laugh by placing a hand across our lips. Wear makeup so as to make ouselves appear healthy and in control.
   These " masks " are adopted by us all at some time or another.
   So the wearing of a mask is to emphasize an appearance that is to be conveyed. In stage or circus work a mask alters or exaggerates the image being portrayed. The idea is that it imprints a ' feeling' to the capture their emphasize an emotion.
   Masked Balls were very popular as a form of entertainment and socialising. I'm sure that within a well connected social group most people knew the identity of the masked people. It was a form of amusement...and indeed would often change the demeanour of the wearer, allowing perhaps more brazen or outgoing behavior that was treated as amusing. Also a stranger entering the scene might feel more at ease and more able to circulate as his appearance could be intriguing.
   I have attended two "Masked Balls" . Of course we all knew each other , but it was fun preparing for the event..making , buying or acquiring a mask. How would it stay on whilst you danced ? When would you remove it to show your true self ? How would you eat dinner ? Fun , in that context.
Masking our feelings.
Thanks for reading, Kath
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