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Mary Lambert ‘Interview’ 2014

Posted on the 30 May 2014 by Orlandobands @Obands

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I had the opportunity to speak with the beautiful and courageous singer-songwriter Mary Lambert this Week,  Not only is she one of the most talented up and coming acts in the market but also has her word and amazing heart that will be getting her miles father in the industry. Check out what she had to tell all of ‘You’ about her fall Record and unbelievable Grammy Performance!

Me… “Hey Mary How are you”

Mary… “I’m really good, I’m going through kinda some things through twitter yesterday, so I have like a ‘twitter hangover’!”

Me… oh Okay I understand.

Mary… “And Like an online Shopping hangover!”

Me… Oh I’ve been there…yeah online dress shops my enemy,  never mind! Okay to the Interview

Mary… ha, Yes!

Ok, This is something that not only our readers would love to know but myself included During that amazing Grammy Performance with Madonna, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah,  What were your first thoughts walking onto that stage?              

Mary…Yeah well like it’s different the first time you meet everybody and then you start working because like that happened like four days before  and that moment started days before the performance and then for the performance you have to be in some way completely confident, when I first met them, these are Queen Latifah and Madonna! I was like shaking in my boots, I was Oh my God I can’t believe I am meeting both of  these incredible you know  female icons that I really look up to and have done a ton for femininity umm and  I can’t believe I’m here and were talking and were friends ya know and then to go from that to being on stage is just another level its just a performance so part of it is being professional  and owning it and you have too! And you have to pretend your supposed to be up there ya know!  

Me…That was such a Gorgeous performance!      

Mary… aww Thank You        

I love the work and organic quality you have on the EP your PR sent ‘Welcome to the Age of my Body’ is this a preview of the fall record we can expect?

Mary… Thank You! We were originally going to make the EP sort of a snipet of the full length but as we were looking at the full length we were like ‘ this is an entirely different record’! And I was the one that sorta pushed for us to just make a whole new record, lets make a whole new record statement. And you know  I had wrote ‘body Love’ when I was 19 and that was a statement that I had at that time in my life and ‘She Keeps me Warm’ was an extension of that light I think I’m ready to say other things and I’m ready to umm make another record.

Now, I over heard from someplace that you performed at a big White House a few days ago, is this true? :P

Mary…Yeah, Yeah that was true it was more like the West Wing, but yeah it was broadcasts as the White House ( Harvey Milk) first gay icon on the stand which I think is a really big deal for our society and community it was an incredible experience for sure! I was like sitting next to Nancy Pelosi and Tammy Baldwin and my new friend is the Post Master the United States Post Master hes like my best friend now!

I must admit I love your spoken word and how you place your lyrics so honestly, do you

CSP_9103_final copy
have a track off the up and coming album you’re most proud of?

God, it’s hard right now we’re sorta in the process of narrowing things down to make it manageable track listings, I think we wrote too many good things, we wrote too many good things that its like ” Oh my God we can’t get rid of this song!” and it’s departure. I don’t think people are going to expect this record from me, umm it’s a pop record but soft pop record, I really say things that are important to me, I don’t feel there’s a moment where I’m like ‘am I sacrificing my point of view or my integrity as a writer’? I haven’t felt that for a minute and its just like there’s so many things I wanted to say that I got to say in it so I can’t right now, I Love All the tracks so Much!

Personally, I feel you should love all of your tracks and as a writer myself at least feel that connection with each on haha…

Mary… I mean its like having kids “yeah I do like the oldest better!” right now were in the process of releasing a single so all our time is going into a newborn ha!

Oh okay, the attention is on the newborn. Got It!

And you are supporting the Gaving Degraw / Matt Nathanson tour this summer how do you enjoy touring with the guy’s?

Mary…Well, I’ve only met Matt, we’re going to jump on that tour June 15th. Haven’t met Gavin but heard really good things, and Matt and I did a show together probably about a month ago and we were backstage as soon as we finished the set and hugged it out and just like talked about our feelings and I was ‘ah this guy is my new best friend!’ I think it’s going to be a really really fun tour! I’m really excited to take my whole band with me, gonna be in the element.

Alright Mary Is there anything you would like to tell our Readers!

Mary… I love Orlando…Yeah It’s important to have a message, I’m so grateful for the platform I’ve been given, to your reader’s too, I’m honoring this platform, I’m honoring my gift. I guess I’m just thankful and excited to do more for sure!

Thank You So Much!

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