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Married at First Sight & Real Housewives of NYC

Posted on the 22 April 2015 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Married at First Sight & Real Housewives of NYC
THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: House, Full House, House of Cards and House of Lies were the shows with House I had in mind but you guys sent in so many more and I gave you credit for all of them. Little House on the Prairie, House Hunters, all the Real Housewives etc. Good Job everyone! 
FIRST FIVES: Karen Heniger, Elke Raskob, Stephanie Baxter, Mike O'Dea & Deb K. HONORABLE MENTION:  Karen Feldman THE NUMBERS 
Sunday's Broadcast Top 5 ACMA's-CBÍ 3.6/11.0  (Biggest audience since 1998!) Family Guy-FOX 1.7/5.0 Once Upon a Time-ABC 1.6/5.0 America's Funniest Home Videos-ABC 1.4/5.0 The Simpson-FOX 1.4/4.0
Sunday's Cable Top 5  Game of Thrones-HBO 3.6/6.8 NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.7/3.7 NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.5/3.4 Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 1.2/2.9 Naked and Afraid-Discovery 1.1/2.7
Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings ACMA's-CBS 696,000 Tweets Game of Thrones-HBO 89,000 Tweets Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 48,000 Tweets Mad Men-AMC 27,000 Tweets Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 18,000 Tweets
Monday's Broadcast Top 5 The Voice-NBC 2.5/10.3
Scorpion-CBS 2.1/10.4
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 2.0/13.0
2 Broke Girls-CBS 1.9/7.4
Gotham-FOX 1.5/4.3
Monday's Cable Top 5  NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.9/4.0
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.9/3.5
NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.4/3.2
WWE-USA 1.4/4.1
Teen Mom-MTV 1.0/1.6
Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 644,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 149,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 84,000 Tweets
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 71,000 Tweets
The Original-CW 22,000 Tweets
THE SHOWS Married at First Sight 2 weeks in and our couples needed to find a place to live. All 3 needed to determine where, geographically, to move to. 2 of our 3 couples compromised and one didn't. Jessica and Ryan moved to Brooklyn. Jacklyn and Ryan moved to Queens and Davina and Sean moved 3 blocks away from her current place in NYC. Sean was the one who had to compromise and she didn't see that at all. Sean was freaking out about moving to the city and sure, I could understand his reluctance, but he seemed like a bit of whiny wimp. Davina's not getting off scott free though. She wanted Sean to be super romantic and affectionate and wasn't getting any of that vibe from him, but she didn't see how much he was giving up for her which could be trouble. I see so many issues with all of the couples already. I honestly don't think any of them will last, but at this point, it looks like if any of them will, it would be my sister's friend Jacklyn and Ryan. Funny, she was totally NOT in to him on their wedding day and now she's got a crush on him. Honestly, for me, he's sort of sweet but his teeth and gums would be a deal breaker. The fact that he didn't run after seeing her leopard blow dryer and magenta bathroom was pretty impressive. He's into her, but he had to move our of his Mom's place and away from his niece which could be tough. There's NO way Sean and Davina will make it. She's really high maintenance and Sean's just going to be her doormat.    Real Housewives of NYC Last weeks episode of RHONYC ended with the women invited to 2 brunches in the Hamptons. Bethenny was having one at her home and Ramona was having one for Dorinda at a restaurant. They couldn't be any more different. Bethenny's house was decorated with every Skinny Girl item known to man and Ramona's was decorated with bar sluts. There were so many Skinny Girl products at Bethenny's it was a bit ridiculous. Stevia packets, blenders, pencils, cocktails, snacks and more. The product placement had to be part of her contract. It HAD to be. It was crazy. Bethenny had enough food for 50 people and I didn't see any of the girls put one bite into their mouths. LuAnn, Carole and Heather decided that rather than offend anyone, they'd attend both brunches. Of course Ramona was a bit pissed off that they were an hour late to hers, but hey, at least they showed up. I don't know why they call the show Real Housewives of NYC  it should be called Real Housewives Talk About Ramona. It's really all about Ramona isn't it? After the brunches, the single ladies all met up at a bar a few days later. Kelly Bensimone was there…surprise! Bethenny wasn't thrilled but LuAnn and her massive necklace apologized and hugged it out. Luckily the necklace didn't puncture Bethenny's breast implants. That could have been dangerous. Seriously, LuAnn does have THE biggest necklaces I've ever seen. Where does she store them? I don't think she has a necklace room in her new "cute, adorable, cottage. Bethenny still goes a tiny bit too far for me. Did she have to say "braiding p*ssy hair?" Who says those kinds of things? Even with that lovely quote, I think Dorinda wins for best quote of the night when she was talking about her boyfriend, John and his need for PDA. "I don't want tongue as an appetizer." I personally wouldn't want John for appetizers or any part of the meal. He grosses me out. Did you catch the high maintenance drink orders at Dos Caminos? Margaritas were simple once, but not when Bethenny or Heather ordered them. Clear tequila with a splash of frozen and some lime juice for Ms. Frankel and clear tequila with a dash of agave and lime juice for Heather. No simple syrup! I also enjoyed the recap of Ramona's dress theft. That Instagram…gets ya every time! 
THE OTHER STUFF -TVLand already renewed Younger. I guess the public and the TVLand peeps don't have any issues with Sutton Foster like I do. I don't know what it is about her that bugs me so much, but there's something.

-My husband's very first Netflix experience…Daredevil, has already been renewed for a 2nd season. So proud of him for taking that big step. Leave it to a superhero to help nudge him into the new era.

-MTV renewed Faking It and is getting back into the late night arena with the "Middle of the Night Show". College Humor's in on it with them though, so maybe it WILL be funny and different than anything else out there. James Corden showed us that it could be done, so let's see what these guys can do. The Challenge, Broke A$$ Game Show and Are You the One? were also renewed.

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