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Married at First Sight & Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Posted on the 02 March 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
Congratulations to a brand new WWTM Winner...James Gabriele! Close one this month but James came out on top! New month, complete reset! Get your answers in for the Monthly Prize! 
March 2, 2016

Trivia Answer: The Three's Company spinoff featuring Jack Tripper was called Three's A Crowd

First Fives: Bobby Aguilera, Mike O'Dea, Brett Blattman, Neil Moffatt & Chuck Chiocco

Honorable Mention: Monica Caraffa
Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Oscar's Opening Ceremony-ABC 5.9/21.9
Academy Awards-ABC 10.4/34.3
Dateline-NBC 1.0/5.6
The Simpsons-FOX .9/2.2
60 Minutes-CBS .8/6.5 
Sunday's Cable Top 5
Walking Dead-AMC 6.1/12.7
Talking Dead-AMC 2.2/4.8
Family Guy-Adult Swim .9/1.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS.8/2.1
American Dad-Adut Swim .7/1.5   

Sunday's Social Media Top 5
Oscars-ABC 7,220,000 Tweets
Walking Dead-AMC 224,000 Tweets
Talking Dead-AMC 24,000 Tweets
NFL Combine Primetime-NFL Network 15,000 Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel-ABC10,000 Tweets

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 3.4 13.2
The Bachelor-ABC 2.5/8.1
Blindspot-NBC 1.8/6.8
Scorpion-CBS 1.5/9.1
Gotham-FOX 1.5/4.1
Monday's Cable Top 5
Monday's Social Media Top 5
The Bachelor-ABC 202,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 166,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 78,000 Tweets
Gotham-FOX 39,000 Tweets
Combine Primetime-NFL 16,000 Tweets
Top 5 Time Shifted Cable Programs for the Week of 2/1/16-2/7/16
 Walking Dead From a 6.8 to a 10 (+3.2)
People vs. OJ From a 1.5 to a 3.4 (+1.9)
Teen Mom From a 1.1 to a 2.1 (+1.0)
Keeping Up with the Kardashians From a .8 to a 1.5 (+.7)
Shannara From a .3 to a 1.0 (+.7)
Top 5 Listen First STREAMING TVI Ratings for the Week of 2/22/16-2/28/16
Full House- Netflix 1.07
Love-Netflix 1.06
House of Cards - Netflix .70
11-22-63- Hulu .56 
Daredevil-Netflix .39 

Married at First Sight They dragged it out and dragged it out but in a nutshell, Trey and Vanessa both wanted to stay married. Figured that one.  Gotta admit I was shocked that Samantha was the one who wanted to stay married and Neil wanted the divorce. Not sure he could do better with the freaky eyes and beard going for him. Sam ran out and cried hysterically for what seemed like an hour,  but then she  was totttttallllly fine when they met up at the house to split up their stuff. Not at all what it was like for David and Ashley when they went to clean THEIR stuff out. He was pissed and after weeks ofsilence Ashley wanted to talk. I'm glad he shut her down. I can't stand her. Even with the meds working she was super annoying. 
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills SUPER BORING episode of RHOBH last night. David Foster's a cocky a-hole. He only shows up to show off. Who gets Andrea Bocelli to sing Ava Maria for 10 people at some restaurant? David Foster does. Not sure why he needed to do that when he was just about to divorce his wife. Maybe so we'd think he was a good guy? I wonder how that conversation went down with Andrea. "He bud, can you do me a huge favor?" The guy's blind, and a huge opera star. Chances of him knowing what Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is all about are slim to none. I knew Kathryn was shady. Total sh*t stirrer but not like Erica who says it all to your face and owns it. Kathryn got Erica to say some stuff about Vanderpump andthen told anyone who would listen everything she said.Total bullsh*t!  Did they ever explain why Yo was crying at dinner? Love Harry Hamlin. He has amazing hair. Lisa Rinna's daughter got her tonsils out. Like I said...boooooring episode. Mohammad, Yolanda's ex, and his fiance who appears to be the same age as his daughters, built a house for Lisa Vanderpumps mini ponies. Nice gesture but still boooooring. Kathryn and her sisters had lunch. Booooring. Kim was back that was unexpected. Looks like she's got her meds working well. Some tears but still sort of boooooring.
 -AT&T's going to be offering up Internet service from Direct TV at the end of the year. No set top box needed and no satellite dish required. No idea on pricing just yet, but things continue to change fast in our world, don't they? 
-Okay...another big casting decision for the Dirty Dancing Live event and this one I'm good with. Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls and The X-Factor will play Penny. Remember her? She's the one who needed the abortion. 

-Disney's working on High School Musical 4. Did anyone care after Zac Efron left? I know I didn't. We were obsessed with the original and we sort of liked HSM2 but never even gave 3 a chance.  I doubt Zac Efron and his 6 pack abs will be in 4 so highly unlikely I check it out. Of course if they find the new hot Zac with an 8 pack...I might be swayed. 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: What was the name of the guy that got Penny pregnant in Dirty Dancing? 


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