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Married at First Sight, Black-ish & The Goldbergs

Posted on the 11 February 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
February 11,2016
Heading to Antigua tomorrow so I'll be chillin for a while without TV. Missing the premiere of Vinyl, The Grammy's and Survivor among a bunch of other shows. Can you see me twitching? I've never gone away in February before. I'll miss you guys! 

Trivia Answer: Jamie, Megan, Michael J & Matthew. What do they all have in common? They all have the last name FOX!

First Fives: Elke Raskob, Mike O'Dea, Brett Blattman, Bobby Aguilera & Larry Price

Honorable Mention: Priscilla Paez

THE NUMBERS Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
NCIS-CBS 2.4/16.8
NCIS: New Orleans-CBS 1.9/12.6
Chicago Fire-Chicago Fire-NBC 1.8/8.1
Chicago Med-NBC 1.6/7.0
The Flash-CW 1.6/3.9 
Tuesday's Cable Top 5
People vs. OJ-FX 1.5/3.8
Fixer Uppers-HGTV .9/2.0
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.0
NBA-TNT .9/2.2
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.1
Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
Teen Wolf-MTV 131,000 Tweets
Pretty Little Liars-Freeform 66,000 Tweets
The Flash-CW 66,000 Tweets
People vs. OJ- FX 47,000 Tweets
New Hampshire Primary-CNN 24,000 Tweets
THE SHOWS Married at First Sight
All of our couples seem to be doing well at this point with the exception of David and Ashley. Sam and Neil are moving into a new house and painting vases together. Trey was taking care of Vanessa while she was sick and the two of them are very cute together. THEN THERE'S David and Ashley. OMFG I hope she's watching this show and realizing what a miserable freak she is. Get to your shrink asap, and have them up the meds, Ashley cause they definitely are NOT working! That puss on the face, that monotone voice, I just don't get why she even wanted to be on this show and how she can't see how nice David is. This guy has been bending over backwards to just get a smile. Okay, yes, maybe he screwed up with the email/text thing and who knows what the truth is. He told his brother that he really did just want to meet this chick to get more insight about Ashley but if that were true, he didn't make it sound that way in his note AND Ashley has no idea who this girl even was. HOWEVER,do you blame the guy? NO WAY they stay together. With only 2 weeks left, if he does want to line someone else up, he should. I hope Ashley gets called out big time on the reunion show
The Goldbergs
First time in a LONG time that Adam's voice didn't bother me. Has it turned a corner or have I? I honestly don't know. Kudos to bringing back the original "Hello" by Lionel Richie. I'd forgotten how totally bizarre the video was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84RxK4N1wfE This week, we were reminded how much of a p*ssy Adam Goldberg really is. He never breaks any rules, takes any risks, or gets in any kind of trouble. He and his friends wanted to go see Porky's. Remember that one? A classic. Bev was dead set against it and Kevin was such a p*ssy that when his friends bought tickets for Annie and snuck into Porky's, he stayed and watched Annie. Murray was disgusted by his son's lack of [email protected] forced Adam to sneak in again and see the movie. OF COURSE, Bev followed him and made a scene at the the theater. A bit ridiculous but that's Beverly Goldberg for ya. After that, Adam attempted to be a real rebel and somehow had enough cash to buy a ticket to Seattle to go see Dana, but he chickened out of that too. He did finally break a rule that everyone was fine with. He snuck into the tree house and called Dana for Valentines Day. Awwwww. While Adam was busy being a p*ssy, Barry was working on a clay bust of Lainey for Valentines Day, just like the blind chick in the "Hello" video made for Lionel Richie. Of course Barry's was a disaster but Lainey didn't care, she just lovessss her Barry. 
Stereotypes were the theme this week. Dre thought the neighbors didn't invite his family to their pool parties because they probably figured that black people can't swim and gave us a brief history of why. When Dre called the neighbors out they told him that they just thought that Dre didn't like them but OF COURSE they are welcome. OF COURSE...Dre couldn't swim! OF COURSE he made a fool out of himself and OF COURSE they'll now really never be invited back. Jack & Diane were part of some scout type organization called The Rovers. OF COURSE the girls did things like manners and cooking and OF COURSE the boys did things like tying knots and OF COURSE Jack & Diane wanted to switch roles. Which they did. Ya know what...who cares about all of this. Did you guys see Rainbow's hairstyle?  She had a major Aunt Jemima thing going at that pool party that was absolutely the worst look yet. I just don't get it. How on earth does the stylist get the green light on that hairstyle. How does the director not freak out and say NO WAY ON THAT HAIR? How does Traci Ross-Ellis not look in the mirror and say "Ya know what guys...NO!" I just couldn't get past that look.  

-No shocker at all that Amazon renewed Mozart in the Jungle. The shocker was this show winning the Golden Globe. I watched a few eps and thought it was just average, so not sure who paid off who but someone got something for that show getting the award. Maybe the comedy category was too confusing so people just voted for anything? I mean Transparent and Orange is the New Black were both in the comedy category and they aren't even comedies! 

-Who'd have thought Adele would beat Justin Bieber at anything? Well, her edition of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden is now the most watched late night clip ever. As of this morning, the clip has been viewed 67,982,135 times! 
-Speaking of my man, James Corden...check out the 2nd part of his parents Super Bowl coverage. They are the cutest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_MP_FLndsg  
-I'm sort of over Egg Roulette, but this one's pretty good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRb3TmNYd90 
Thursday's Trivia Question:I'm going rogue today...I'm leaving on vacation in the morning so a vacation oriented trivia question. When Kevin was left HOME ALONE by accident in the first HOME ALONE movie, where was his family going on their vacation?  
Have a great week! I'm dying to hear what you all think of Vinyl! Let me know on my Facebook page!!! I can't believe I'm going to be gone during such a big TV week! My first award show miss in years! 


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