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Married at First Sight, Big Brother & Suits

Posted on the 28 July 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Trivia Answer: Mrs. Teasley, Nat, Jackie, Mel, Ray and Felice were all side characters on the original Beverly Hills 90210

First Fives: Ed Ziskind, Mike O'Dea, Andrea Jody, Monica Caraffa & Stephanie Catino

Honorable Mention: Kelly Rogers

Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
America's Got Talent-NBC 2.3/10.4
The Bachelorette-ABC 1.4/5.1
Democratic Convention-NBC 1.2/5.2
Hotel Hell-FOX .9/2.4
NCIS-CBS .7/5.4 
Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Democratic Convention-CNN 1.3/6.1
WWE-USA 1.0/2.7
Haves and Have Nots-OWN .9/3.0
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9
Democratic Convention-MSNBC .7/3.9 
Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
Democratic National Convention-All Nets 1,657,000 Tweets
WWE-USA 133,000 Tweets
The Bachelorette-ABC 110,000 Tweets
America's Got Talent-NBC 46,000 Tweets
Scream-MTV 33,000 Tweets  
For the first time EVER, Telemundo beat Univision in the ratings. Yep...it's true. For the Week of 7/18/16 against 18-49 and also against the coveted Millennials 18-34  Telemundo was the big winner. Telemundo's El Senor de los Cielos super series ended with a huge finale, and there were some big premieres as well. Telemundo averaged 727,0000 viewers vs Univisions 711,000 viewers  
THE SHOWS Married at First Sight
Married at First Sight is totally a guilty pleasure for me and even though the success rate has been relatively low in the 3 seasons I've watched, I just had to come back for Season 4. Dr. Pepper's back but there are new "experts" and we are now in Miami. For anyone who has never watched or doesn't know the premise of this show, let me give you a quick download. 35,000 men and women applied. They meet with the "experts" who choose 3 couples. These 6 lucky people literally get married at first sight. Each man and woman knows NOTHING until the actual wedding. No names, no photos, nothing other than their betrothed's ring size. They get their dresses and tuxes and walk down the aisle to marry a person they have never met before. It's CRAZY. This season I really like all 3 of the guys, but I don't feel anything at all for the women. Tuesday night wedding #1. Derek and Sonia. Unfortunately it was taking place outside in a terrential downpour. Not sure why the producers didn't move it inside, oh yes I am, ratings. Sonia's from South America where pearls at a wedding are bad luck and OF COURSE, Derek's pre-wedding gift was a pearl bracelet. OYYYYYYY.  I love this one guy, Tom, who lives in a bus. Wait til his new wife Lillian finds out about that! I know it's ridiculous, but it's riveting and I'm already hooked on the new season.
Bigggggg Brother
  • If one more person is shocked about the fact they've been lied to, I'm gonna lose it. 
  • At this point, Bridget's more annoying than Frank. 
  • Frank calls Bridget his Cabbage Patch Kid? Hmmmm never thought about it before but she does look like one.
  • Happy Dance in the Storage Room was cute, remember though, we had music, they didn't
  • "Don't try to okey doke the okey doker Frank!" I gotta remember that one. James comes up with some real winners.
  • Love when Paul call's Frank Curly Q Frank and yes he is a snake but Paul was ridiculous, of course Frank has to do what he can to save himself.
  • I reallllly need Paul to shave that puby beard
  • OTEV the FROG apparently DJ's on weekends
  • Cory's probably the stupidest BB player of all time.
  • Dopeeee tracks
  • Do the players get costume bags before each comp? Do they get to keep them all?
  • How annoying was everyone screaming "Michhhhh, Michhhhhhhh" during the Veto comp?
  • Why doesn't anyone notice the destination signs??? I'd think someone would have figured something out about the secret room by now!
  • Whoa...Michelle looked reallllly different without glasses and makeup 
  • Are Paul's pink shorts underwear or shorts?
  • Ewwwww Cory and Nicole are together???
  • I believe the #housemeeting was a first. Can't believe Frank called out the fact that he wanted the veto used and Day to go up right in front of Day.
  • Bridget and Michelle #battleinthebathroom
  • Bridget should have called out Michelle at the veto ceremony instead of her stupid sappy remarks
  • Net/Net...Frank or Bridget will go home tonight and I don't care which one of them it is.
Who was the dude that played William Sutter? OMG it's driving me crazy. The Albert Einstein hair was throwing me a bit but the voice and the face are sooooo familiar? Gotta give the Suits guys credit. Between the jail storyline, the new tenants, the new client, and Rachel in law school, they've really evolved the show into something very different but equally as interesting plus, now, we've got Theo Huxtable! I really need to know who does the shopping for the womens dresses. Donna's white dress was sick. Of course she continues to pull off way too many miracles in an hour but we go with it because we love her and we're used to all by now. What I didn't understand was how her Sutter theory could have been right, but since he currently wasn't the client Harvey chose, I'm letting that glitch in the storyline go. Was it me or was the word "dildo" used a lot last night? Last question...if Mike Ross gets out of jail early for informing on his cellmate, what can he do for a living, now that he's been a convicted felon? 
The WWE had a big event over in London and James Corden sent his super cute parents to check it out. They are THE cutest couple ever. Here ya go, enjoy: 
-I've added the date to the premiere calendar but it' such exciting news to me that I thought the Netflix Gilmore GIrls premiere date was also worth some prime real estate. Guess what I'll be doing on Black Friday morning? Yep...Gilmore Girls - A Year in the Life. No 6am Target run. Couch, Lorelei, Rory & Luke for me. 
-A few Season 2 renewals were announced yesterday.  Still the Kingon CMT 
and Lady Dynamite, Chelsea & Real Rob on Netflix.

Thursday's Trivia Question: Josh, Ruby, Mr. Stevens, Charlie, & Daphne are side characters and office mates on this current Primetime sitcom. Name the show. 
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