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Maria Dillon – Finding “The One”

By Camoran @GirlsInRealLife

I cannot be the only girl out there who is wondering WHEN will it happen for me, when will I finally meet a decent guy who will take me on dates, send me texts just because, and give me butterflies.



I am still young, still have so much ahead of me, but that longing for companionship can sometimes be discouraging in the life of a nursing student stuck in the constant pile of homework, and countless hours of work.

Even through the craziness of my school life, I still wonder when it will happen, when I will meet “that guy” and be able to gush about how in love I am.

On those days when I find myself thinking about this, I remember a statement I read somewhere in an article about being “in your 20’s” It went something like this:

 The most important thing you will do in your 20’s is learn how to love yourself. Until you do this, nothing else matters…

Love yourself and the rest will follow

That hit home. Reading that made so much sense I couldn’t believe it. I needed to stop thinking and worrying about when I will find someone, but rather take that time and channel it into becoming the best person I can be.

I am always learning new things about myself, but am I working towards really loving myself? I’m getting there, I have been learning, and it’s eye opening thinking deeply about who you want to be.

I love hockey, Bdubs, baking, and the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  I hate studying, going to the gym, and the fact that I cannot eat gluten or dairy.

I aim to be a good person. It is a simple as that, and in the process am learning about how to stand up for that girl inside.

I believe this….

Your 20’s are a delicate balance between being yourself and becoming who your want to be.

So I’m working on that. Working on becoming who I want to be, while loving who I already am.

And maybe eventually, I will meet someone who ignites that “can’t eat can’t sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff” feeling I dream about.

And it will be even greater if I love myself in the process.


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