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Marco Rubio on The Daily Show

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by Anthonyhymes @TheWrongWing

The Tea Party has a new strong man. In an extended interview with champion-of-sanity Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, Florida Senator Marco Rubio revealed that he hasn’t even the tiniest clue of what is going on around him. A point that Stewart enforced by commenting on their completely disconnected universes.

marco rubio

Nothing builds biceps like filibustering

Being a young senator is difficult, no one listens to you, and the youthful exuberance of being elected serves only to annoy the elders who have patiently waited their turn for power. So it was no surprise that Rubio spent the entire interview complaining about not being able to add amendments to every bill. That can be forgiven, he is young. But what can’t be forgiven is who he chose to blame for this obstructionism: the Democrats.

Like a puppy that keeps eating a shoe even after being scolded repeatedly, Rubio neglected to answer any of Jon Stewart’s questions about congressional behavior with anything more than a jab at the Dems. There was no mention of seniority in the senate, nor of political capital, nor of the difficulty in driving consensus. He kept on saying that the Democrats were cutting him out. His whining was not sympathetic. Let’s see how he changes his tune after two decades in Washington.

The interview is a mantle piece for why the GOP will never be able to constructively add to solutions that will help our nation progress forward and better the lives of its citizens. They are unwilling to come close to compromise unless it is for “legal loopholes,” which in an interview like this is really a tension relief loophole (when the two try to find something to agree on).

In the end Rubio praises the discussion that they were able to have as what we need more of. It just goes to show how far Rubio’s head is up in the clouds if he thinks exactly what we need so badly are more discussions like the one he presented. Can we find a legislative loophole to remove him from office and send him to Alaska to go kayaking with Sarah Palin?

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