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Maple and Black

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey blog friends. Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday’s post. Opening those e-mails throughout the day really helped me stay positive and by the time it was time to go to the theater to pre-set the show I felt really good about the whole situation.

I think all the positive feedback and good advice is why I love blogging and why I continue. I can always count on friends from the blog-o-sphere.

We have some catch up to do, food wise, since I didn’t do another post yesterday.

Catch up: Lunch

I met with my mom for a little theater warm-up pep talk lunch at a great little Thai food restaurant in Old Towne Salinas called Yangstese Taste of Thai.


I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the outside, but my mind was a little distracted.

My mom always has great advice for me so lunch really helped me gear up for the evening ahead.


My Mom ordered the Veggie Delight combination lunch that includes a crab rangoon, mixed veggies stir fried in a spicy white bean sauce, a salad with spicy lemongrass dressing and white rice. I ordered the Chicken and Vegetable combination lunch that came with the same things.



The veggies were my favorite, my HUGE leftovers are basically rice and chicken.

Catch up: Dinner

I didn’t have dinner until after the show. I was too unhappy/stressed/nervous before to want to eat anything. Plus the call was at 5pm, that’s a little early for dinner if you ask me.


I had beef and vegetable soup (from a can). Oh the horror!


Happy Christmas in July!


This morning I kept it light and pretty simply. Black Breakfast Tea with a little soy milk and some maple oatmeal.




I spilt tea on my place mat! Grr.

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