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Manual Internet Settings for Asha Full Touch

Posted on the 04 May 2013 by Visakh1234

Manual internet settings for Asha full touch:

1.Go to Settings>configuration>personal settings, here select options>add new>web
You can rename the account name to any name you like.2.Now press back and select options>add new>access pointManual internet settings for Asha full touchThe default account name will be shown as my access point, you can change it to any name you want.After this, select access point>bearer settings>mob. data acc.point. Here you need to add/change the access point name (you should get access point name from your network provider).
3.Now in settings>configuration>turn on configuration>(SIM1/SIM2)>web, select the setting which you have created as in step 1.Now in press back and open access point, here you need to select the access point which you have created manually as in step 2.
4.In addition, add the same access point name to settings>connectivity>mobile data>access point>edit active access point>mob. data acc.point
Note: Users with Wi-Fi support need to set settings>connectivity>net connection to Ask first, so that you can select either your Wi-Fi network or network access point while connecting to the internet.

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