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Managing Your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' Pages (BSB #1)

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Townhousepalette @townhousepal
Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)

Hello Loves I always get emails from people on how I get followers, a good blog design, and any tips I can give them. So, that is why I am starting a new series called BSB or Becoming a Successful Blogger. I will do a post like this and expect it to be up every Tuesday, hopefully.  I am going to be answering your questions (comment below), including html/css guidance ( blog design ), and what ever you have questions on. I am not going to write small posts, but full articles because this is something I really enjoy talking about. First topic is going to be the 'About Me' page, every blog should have one! I really enjoy learning more about other bloggers, in a not stalker sort of way. I consider my 'About Me' page an okay page, not an ideal page. I have not gotten around to fixing it. I talk as if I am a twelve year old in my about me page, which I need to change because I have changed. WE ALL CHANGE OVER TIME!  Instead of doing do's and don'ts, I just thought to put stuff I would have and would not have in your whole 'About Me' theme we are working with and what I suggest.First person is the best person

I can't tell you how much I cringe/hate when an about me page is written in 3rd person. It just defeats the purpose of an 'About Me,' page on a blog. Blog is a Web Log, Log=Journal, Web Journal. 
First Person: I am happy, and I enjoy eating BBQ
Third Person: Laila is happy, she enjoys eating BBQ
I want to get to know you on a personal level, not a wikipedia page. A blog is written by you and no one else (guest posts exceptions), so do your 'About Me' page as one too.  If you have accomplishments just list them and be proud ( 'I am ugly and I am proud," remember that). 
Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)
FAQ vs About Me
Well, FAQ and About Me are very similar because they are just telling more about the blog or yourself.  FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions ( which means exactly what says). I write my about me page and then I have no intention of really updating it for a year ( at most ).  In an 'About Me' I write what I like and how my blog became to be. FAQ are just questions people ask you all the time to just clarify. If you get what I mean. Some people prefer to put both in one post: either a FAQ or About Me page.The gist of this article is you should have both somewhere! 

Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)

Okay, I have no clue why I though this picture was best to use. Maybe becox Coke vs Pepsi  = 

You should questions for yourself to answer, it might sound narcissistic, but it will help in the long run.

Now it is now mystery that I can't show my face on blog because I just don't feel comfortable about it. Camera quality is important as well, you do not need the best, but pixelated  or blury. Also have fun with Photoshop, Gimp, or whatever. If you always make new make-up looks and post it your blog, you should have a picture of just your face in your natural make-up. 
Sidebar Snippet
Most blogs you visit will have a little picture of them with a few sentences about themselves. This is a really good thing to put in your blog. It will make your viewer want to learn more about you. I can help you make one because I am a nice person before my blog designing service starts up, but it is very easy to create one for yourself. 
What to put in your 'About Me' page
First off, put your name or alias, your age, and your birthday. Then stuff you like and why you created this blog. The more original the page is and the better it makes the blog. Whatever you like and you feel you want to tell people then put it in. THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGBe honest with yourself, no one knows you better than yourself. Don't write something, just because someone else writes it. Then one day your favorite blogger will see it and instantly love you. Be true to yourself!Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)
Comment any suggestions or question you would want me to answer in the next BSB. Otherwise make sure you follow my bloglovin' and like my facebook page
Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)Managing your 'About Me' and 'FAQ' pages (BSB #1)
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