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Managing Jealousy

By Momishblog @momishblog
Tips from Dating Dad on managing jealousy when dating a single dad
Managing Jealousy
I can't think of a single person that I have ever met who hasn't displayed some form of jealousy.  I'm sure researchers can give you studies and statistics about who....*snore drool snore*
Where was I before I fell asleep?  Jealousy.  Let me give you the real life scenarios as you navigate the world with the Dating Dad:
He cancels a date with you so that he can go with his kidlet to see a movieYou get picked up for your date and he has his daughter and her boyfriend in the backseatWomen flirt with him online because he is a 'great dad and that is really sexy'He spends time with his married friends from his pre-divorce days and you aren't invitedDating Dad visits his parents with the kidlets and doesn't take you alongYou go out on one date a week and only see him rarely yet when you ask for his time he is 'busy'He has close friends that are girls and regularly talks with themYou get hit on when out on the town and he isn't there to defend your honor due to 'family time'
You can choose to be jealous that his priorities are elsewhere.  You can choose to believe that he picks other activities over you.  You can choose to believe that you aren't important to him.  These situations are as bad for Dating Dad as it is for you.  We don't like to fail, ever. We are the one parent that our kidlet sees every day and we don't have a scapegoat.  We can't say to the kidlet that we missed the school event but mom was there...we can't say we missed our date because our ex-wife forgot to remind us that we had the kids that night.  Failing is the last thing we want to do because it shows that we can't do it all.  We are hard-wired to accomplish every task in front of us regardless the odds but when we don't it hurts us and our egos. 
You may get jealous because your Dating Dad is with his kids, or at work, or getting attention from somewhere else but more than likely he would prefer to be with you.  Scratch that, he is working hard to keep it all together and successful so he CAN be with you. 

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