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M&S Apple Crisps

By Meowitserin
I am a fruit lover, I mean I seriously love fruit. It makes me happy and it makes up about 2/3 of my diet. I have it in many different forms; fruit in juice, dried fruit, frozen fruit, and regular fruit. So it was only a matter of time before I tried the Marks & Spencer's dried Apple crisps. These are thinly sliced apples baked in an oven with just a little bit of lemon juice on them to stop them from browning (I think). They are totally healthy, full of goodness and most importantly, they taste great! The flavor is strongly of apple, just as it should be. There is nothing artificial about this and the crunch is fantastic, they are so crisp, far superior than when I attempted to make my own which some how managed to be simultaneously burnt and uncooked... As you can guess they were pretty awful and went straight in the bin.Anyway, overall I really enjoyed these as an addition to my lunch, it was a nice variation on my normal popcorn, they are quite pricey but to be honest you are paying for quality so they are worth the price tag.M&S Apple Crisps

Rating - 9/10Vegan - YesCalories - 105Buy Again? - Yes

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