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Mama's So Thankful Ramblings

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
Mama's So Thankful Ramblings
Today I intended on waking up and starting cookies so I'd have a recipe to blog. Well, I woke up and started other things, like lollygagging on Pinterest, playing with the kiddos, and checking FB of course then I started the cookies. So instead of making the cookies on my own, I decided to bake them with my beautiful Curly Sous Chef. She is always a hoot in the kitchen and knows her way quite well around our  little space.Mama's So Thankful Ramblings
But as we were baking and chatting I decided not to make a recipe post. But rather a post on why I am thankful for everyday. This will not be long because it doesn't take the a lot to be thankful. I am thankful that my daughter wants to be a good influence on kids her age to get into the kitchen. She said today while rolling the cookie dough into balls, Mama's So Thankful Ramblings
"When the kids see dis dey gonna be like, 'oh ma gah she cook, i wanna cook too!' I wish y'all could hear her. She is a character. She's everything I wish I had the courage to be/wish that my parents did have me suppress  She's outwardly thoughtful, silly, hilarious, and just a kind curious little 5 year-old with a memory of a 97 year-old. The girl can't remember her age to save her life, already taking on a trait some women seem to  inherit once they're on the breech a new decade of life from 30 on ;-) But as I am not lying 6 feet or burning to ashes, I can be that way now. Who cares if I am 29 years old ;-)Mama's So Thankful Ramblings
Today my daughter and I brought the cookies and tea upstairs to her bedroom and we played tea parties our way. LOTS of drama! Ken is brokenhearted because Barbie is in love with Eric. Eric is being chased by the mermaid triplets lol it's crazy and fun. Barbie Dreamhouse Jerry Springer style. The laughs and jokes we shared, nearly snorting tea from our noses will remain ingrained in our minds! LOLMama's So Thankful RamblingsShe did a pretty good job recipe here:'s So Thankful Ramblings
These genuine smiles
Mama's So Thankful Ramblings
I am one cheesy lady so it fills me with joy to see my babies smile and to see them, too, reflect. There is a lot to look forward to this year and some things we're not looking forward to. But whatever happens I hope we are in the greatest of spirits, enjoying every moment we can. If things don't always go well, then try to make a negative experience into a positive one. It's pretty simple, but a lot of people find it challenging. If you're on any kind of social network, you know what I mean. 
Hope you all are making the most of your day! SMILE :-) Mama's So Thankful RamblingsLaughing at the memories (my crazy faces)

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