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Making Your University Degree Choice

Posted on the 09 May 2013 by Coupleofidiots @coupleofidiots
Making Your University Degree Choice
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It’s exam season again, and as always this means I have plentiful hours of which to procrastinate, and so today I am going to use these hours to talk to you all about choosing your degree choice at University and the stresses and problems that come with it. This will most likely be quite a short post, but I hope you find it to be helpful and feel free to comment with your opinions on the main points and aspects I am going to discuss – and as always if you’re new, give the blog a follow and share it around as it is a great help to us. J

Firstly, just as a quick introduction as to what inspired me to want to do this post, I’ll give you a background on me. I am currently studying biochemistry at the University of Aberdeen. However, I have always had a massive passion for Plant Biology and in all honesty no subject has ever got me more excited or more interested when studying.
But as I’m sure you are all now thinking, what jobs can you get with a Plant Biology degree? Exactly. Most of my potential job prospects, specifically related to my degree, would be in places like environmental protection agencies or in the private sector in environmental consultancy, bioremediation, or biotechnology companies.Unless of course I decided to stay on at University, do a PhD and become a lecturer and have an awesome job (but lets be honest, lecturing positions are few and far between and the previous job areas stated would be my most likely future employers).
However, I’m rambling. To my point.
Yes these jobs would be extremely fun and fascinating but none of them will likely pay anywhere near to the sums of money I will likely be getting if I stick with my Biochemistry degree (with job prospects in the Pharmaceutical & oil industries and Hospital diagnostic laboratories as a mere few examples of the vast array out there) and in honesty, I wouldn’t exactly find these jobs a hardship to do for the rest of my life.
So this is my point. What do you choose in life?

Yes, the simple answer might be to do what your heart loves most and what you will derive the most pleasure from, but life just isn’t that simple. I mean if I was only ever going to have myself to worry about then yes, maybe that might be a worthy answer. But I, like most, hope to eventually have and support a family and this is one of my biggest worries. Do I stick with what I’m doing to get the best paying job I can in order to financially support my family the best? Or do I do what I love and take the risk of having a low(ish) paying job for the rest of my life, and not be able to spoil my family to the extent I otherwise would be able to? (But be doing what would make me the most happy?!) I mean is this selfish of me? Or am I stupid to even be thinking that far ahead, should I just live and enjoy life here and now. I just don’t know.
So really, I’m not so much blogging today to be helpful so much as I am blogging to get all of your thoughts and opinions on this and see what life choices you have made. Have you followed your passions despite the consequences? Or have you stuck to the safe road with the greatest and most secure financial outcome for you (and your potential future family)? And if so, how has your decision affected your life?

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