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By Whyjournal
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So how do we make ourselves happy? What things can we change in our lives that will help us live a better life? I often talk about changing the way we think, being able to express and control our emotions, but another key factor in being happy is doing what is best for you.
Sometimes we are stuck making a decision and decide to stay in a situation we are not happy about to please others or because we are scared to make a change. We should not do that. We have one life here on earth and if we do not do the things we want to do, then we will never get to do them.
When making a decision, yes it is important to think of other's feelings, but you must be concerned with your own feelings just as others need to be concerned with themselves.
I will give you an example. I have a friend who I talk to often, and whenever we speak she complains about her job and how unhappy she is. It is really making her life uncomfortable and she has stress because of it. While it would not be a good idea to just pick up and quit, it would be a good idea to start a plan to move on to something more satisfying.
They'll never know, unless it's on your resume!
Why would you want to spend what time you have dreading getting up in the morning and going to work? More than likely the situation will never change and you will drag yourself day after day. There is no reason at all to do that. Take your time, look for another job. Make sure that what you are going to do is something that you are confident about. Just do not take any other job, just to get out of where you are. You might have to look for another job again if you do that. Make a plan, write out your goals.  One day you will be able to change your situation.
Another situation that I can think of is when a person is in an abuse relationship. I have no experience in this subject as far as being in this type of relationship myself, so I cannot say how hard it is to get out of, but I do know people who have been. And I know they say it is very hard to get out of. Yes it may be hard, but it is not IMPOSSIBLE.  If you are in any type of abusive relationship you are not happy, that is a given. People can hope and pray that things will change but it rarely does. You have to make a decision to get a plan in action. Call on friends, on people who can help you. There is no reason in this whole world to stay with a person who does not treat you the way you should be treated. Remember abuse is not only physically, it can be mental and emotional as well.
Make the changes you need to make. Figure out what it is that you do not like about your life and do something to make it better. Plan it out. Think about it often. Dream about it, but change it. Put your plan into action. We all get stuck in a rut. There are times when I feel like things are just not working out the way I want them to work out, but I understand that staying stuck in one place because it is easier in the the solution, it adds to the problem.
And the last point I will make is this. When you are unhappy what happens? You get moody, grumpy and are probably making the people around you unhappy causing unnecessary arguments and stress. I know that when I am in a bad mood I tend to snap at people or send out negative vibes causing others to feel the same. It is not healthy to live like that day after day and there is really no reason too!
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