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Making Changes in 2014.. Will You?

By Tiniest_bean @tiniest_bean
Making Changes in 2014.. Will you?
I cannot wait to tell you all about what I have been doing for the last week! For those of you who don't know, I love kickboxing ( what up I love because it pushes me to do WAY more in a workout than I ever would and frankly, it  makes me feel badass.For January they challenged us to make 2 changes to our diets ( adding more water, veggies, giving up sweets etc.) When I saw this challenge I had to jump on it. I primarily eat healthy and work out 3-4 days a week. That being said, do I ignore the lone cupcake at a work potluck or never eat french fries? NEVER. I eat them whenever I feel like it. Problem #1. 
So what did I give up for the month of January? Alcohol ( Dear God, I know) and fried food. Clearly, I really needed a challenge. I am also trying to drink 100 oz of water a day and eat healthy/make smart choices daily, kickbox 3-4 times per week and fit in 2 60 minute yoga sessions. 
Four days have passed and I am going strong! I have so far said no to a hamburger,tacos,french fries, chicken fingers and quesadillas. Man, it is hard. Realistically after this challenge are these foods ok in moderation? YES! But knowing I can't have it makes it even harder!I can't wait to update you all on  my progress or... my shortcomings for the next few weeks. I will also let you know of some tips/tricks to eating healthy. What I wish at the end if this month is that I make a life change.
Did you have a  healthy New Year's Resolution this year? Will you make it a life change?Who wants to do this with me?????

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