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Making 2013 Count

By Vitadimoda @Maria_Litizia
2013: New Years Resolutions
Making 2013 CountWell first of all, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa brought you everything that you could have asked for and more! I certainly had a great Christmas Eve/Day spending all my money on the sales and booking my next tattoo, so I can safely say that I was pleased with Christmas this year.
After eating my way through countless chocolates, glasses of vino and a seemingly endless amount of lasagne (my gran makes me it every year for my Christmas dinner - I don't do turkey!), I began thinking about the inevitable New Years resolutions for 2013. Most are focused on my career and general financial situation (like not overspending on everything - again.) but there are some for my blog and its content after the New Year!
First of all, here's my list of resolutions for 2013:
  1. Join Body Zone gym in Newcastle.
  2. Go at least 3 times a week.
  3. Eat better.
  4. Budget my money properly AKA stop impulse buying.
  5. Save money.
  6. Don’t overspend. Again.
  7. Book a trip to California or NYC.
  8. Go to LFW.
  9. Start my sleeve tattoo on Friday, Jan 4th then come back to Glasgow in Feb to get it finished.
  10. Get intern experience with a fashion magazine.
  11. Write more lifestyle based posts.
  12. Pass 1st year of uni with a great grade.
  13. Make 2013 count.
So the resolution that is more of a need to know basis for you lot is #12. Why? Well, I was looking at various blogs out there and felt that I would love to start writing more lifestyle based content for Vita di Moda. Diets, fitness regimes, films, tv shows, beauty products and even food and tattoo's would be on the list of content to feature at Vita di Moda in 2013. Don't worry, there will still be regular fashion posts each week and I'm hoping to get this blogger pass for LFW in February so that I can give a better rounded opinion on the shows for AW'13!
What would you all think about seeing this happening at Vita di Moda? Yay, or nay? 

*Photo Credit: Taken by myself at the dinner table via instagram

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