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By Makeupandartfreak @MakeUp_ArtFreak
I've started using Pinterest just recently. Those of you who follow me on twitter probably already know that, and those of you who still don't follow me on twitter, should do it by clicking here :)
I wanted to try using Pinterest for more than a year now, I think. But I always was too lazy or didn't have time for it. Well the other day I've decided it's about time! :)
The thing I like about Pinterest, is that I am the kind of person that if they see something pretty on the internet, they want to keep it somewhere to get maybe inspired later, or remember the idea of it, or anything like that, and so I was either saving it in my computer in a special folder for this kind of things, either just closed the picture I've found at some point, "letting it go". Both of those methods where not good.. The first one because it took too much space in my computer for nothing, and too many downloading GB, and the other one because at some point I always wanted to go back to see this certain image, or show it to someone, and just couldn't remember where I've found it, or it was just not available in the site anymore.
Well that's why Pinterest is such a great tool to use! (At least that is MY reason.. I'm sure there are many more reasons to use it!), And I have to say I'm kind of addicted..
For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, it's basically what it sounds like - an online pin board, where you can pin your interests. You can create albums by themes, save pictures, videos, etc. and follow other people's boards. When you click on a certain picture in Pinterest, it takes you to the original web-site where it was taken from. The cool thing is that you can pin pictures from websites (by loading a "Pin It" button to your Favorites toll bar, OR you can repin pictures that others have pined in their boards!
Check out my Pinterest, and follow if you like the photos! :)
*P.S- I didn't have a chance to do OOTD for a pretty long time, but one is coming soon!
MakeupAndArtFreak On Pinterest

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