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Makeover on Make-up

By Fairlylight

Recently I was inspired by this image from the Dometic Goddess that is Martha Stewart, to have a little spruce up of my dressing table drawers. martha stewart drawer Whilst I would never dream of leaving the house bare-faced, I don’t have a huge selection of make-up. I cleaned out make-up bags full of the stuff that had only been used a couple of times when we moved house (seafoam eye liner anyone?) Since then I’ve vowed to keep the collection to a minimum but that hasn’t stopped it getting extremely messy. Make-up_Organisation_beforeA few weeks ago I decided enough was enough. I chucked a few congealed lipsicks and dry mascaras and got to work with the pencil sharpener. Make-up_Organisation_cleanThe most satisying part had to be cleaning my make-up brushes. Using a cheeky olive oil and hand soap mixture method found via Beauty Book Love, it only took minutes to clean through the brushes. I then rubbed down all tubes and handles with an antibacterial wipe. Make-up_Organisatio_groupIt just so happens that one of my slate floor tiles is a similar size to the inside of my dressing table drawer, and so I laid out everything in to tidy piles on the floor. Make-up_Organisation_lineAs I lined each of the drawers with fancy wrapping paper, Mr C used offcuts of wood to section off compartments. I then painted them the same shade of antique white as the rest of the dressing table using satin paint from B&Q. Make-up_afterAs always, excuse the quality of the iPhone pics. Here’s the final result, all neat and tidy and easy to find and does not make me highly strung in any way.

How do you like to store your make-up?

Lauren x

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