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Make Your Girl Say ‘YES’ With A Diamond Engagement Ring

By Macrogers

Your dream girl didn’t accept your wedding proposal? She didn’t say ‘YES’ right away? Don’t worry… Its not that she doesn’t love you the way you do. Its just that either she is still in a fix whether she is ready for a lifelong commitment or perhaps, the conventional proposal technique of popping the question “Will you marry me?” has become a cliche to impress her.

The proposal should be as unique as possible.Every aspect of the proposal should be well planned and prepared long ahead to avoid any last minute hassles. Don’t forget the engagement ring. The highligt of the entire show. Arrange and shop for the engagement ring in advance to ensure you picked the best ring for your partner.

When proposing your lady love and ensuring she accepts your proposal, try these few tips that will come handy:

1.You can make a public proposal. Either place an advert in the local newspaper or her favorite magazine. Even proposing in the mid of an concert event is a great idea, provided you have the permission to be on stage.

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2.Another romantic style is to propose with dust.Confused??? Its simple… Just write your proposal in the dust on her room’s window. Let her start her day reading your proposal as she draws the curtain aside. This is a very romantic manner, but just make sure the dust is still there and nobody cleans the window before she wakes up.

3.Taking her to the beach is yet another great option. Surprise her by asking the important question spelled out on the sand accompanied with a diamond engagement ring.

4.Invite your girl to her favorite restaurant or pub. Request for your theme song to be aired as she enters and hand the flowers and slip in the engagement ring into her finger, followed by a proposal on air in the restaurant or pub.

These are just few classic ideas, though you can propose your girl in innumerable manner.Your proposal can be made solitary, unforgettable affair in many exclusive ways. But be whatever be the style, venue, never let an engagement ring be a missing.

Depending on your preferences and budget an engagement ring can be either a simple, elegant Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring or you can also opt for the more fancy counterparts like Three Stone Diamond Rings or Vintage Diamond Rings or even Matching Band Rings.

A Diamond Engagement Ring speaks for the proposal and your girlfriend can never let that down, for sure.

The mentioned proposal tips will surely pay off and make your moment the most romantic one. Your partner will be in the ninth cloud for sure and accepting your proposal you’ll surely get the sweetest “YES”… DO give it a try!!!

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