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Make Your Drive Fuel Effecient

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
With the ever increasing fuel prices, many people have moved towards public transportation. And then, there are some (like me) who cannot bear to stand for the two hours of work commute that the Delhi Metro takes from Delhi to any of the organizations in NCR, nor can I line up to get my car fueled with CNG every alternate day. Need I mention, the nearest CNG station from my home is six kilometers away (~3 miles), and there is none on my way to work. (are the authorities listening?!) So I looked up the internet, discussed the topic with people who have been driving for over a decade, and came up with this list to drive fuel efficiently.  Hopefully, it may help you, the way it has helped me. Putting all these ideas to practice, I managed to extend my tank full from five to seven days - ain't that so cool. (Saving of about 600 INR in my world!!)
  • Fuel your car en-route on your trips instead of making separate fueling trips
  • Switch off the ignition on a signal greater than sixty seconds or in a traffic jam
  • Try to maintain a constant driving speed
  • A manual weather check (by poking your hand outside) may help you decide whether you Really need conditioning
  • Up and tight tires get a better average (miles or kilometers per liter) for your car - get a weekly air check and a monthly wheel alignment done 
  • Drive at the prescribed gear for each speed - referring your car manual is a good idea, though usually its first until 10, second until 20 and so on.

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