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Why a Server Should Have Wine Knowledge

By Sandikar

Chances are if you have tried wine once, you will want more, and it is especially important that servers understand the importance of wine service in a restaurant. There are thousands of different varieties of wine and it is not possible to taste every kind of wine.But by having a good basis of wine knowledge a wine server can lead the guests to the perfect bottle. If you consider yourself to be a wine lover, a wine collector or even a wannabe drinker then it goes without saying that you would also have an interest in taking your enjoyment level to the maximum when you are in a restaurant by pairing the best food with the appropriate wine.

wine training

Most guests are of the mind that a meal is incomplete without perfect wine.

In order to double the enjoyment of savoring good food guests need their favorite flavor of wine along with it. It has to be the wine of his/her choice. A server can be confident to understand a guest’s demand only when he knows what kind of wine goes with that choice of food. Learning about different kind of wines and the best food to pair with it will become quite easy for the server if hehasproper trainingon wines.

Wine plays an important Role in every event.

If there is a dinner party being hosted in your restaurant invariably wines are an important part of the event. Even in formal dinners it is very hard to do without good wine while you are exchanging your thoughts with the other guests. The guests will not be disappointed if you are well aware of the wine pairings. You can ultimately prove to be a great host if you know what kind of wine will best pair with the type of dishes you select and decide your menu accordingly.

Knowing the right time when you can sell more wine.

Most people love wine to be served in a glass than in the bottle. To make the most of it a server needs to know the right time when to approach a guest to make sure he can sell a glass of wine. For example, when they first approach a guest at the table a server can ask to help the guests start off with a cocktail or wine while mentioning a specialty wine or any personal choices.

After the dinner is another good time to sell a glass of wine. Many desserts pair well with red wine. Sometimes white wines are preferred for desserts too. Therefore, a well trained server has enough scope to increase the sale of wine if he knows how to pair it with food and when to approach the guests.

Good wine builds good customer relationship.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When good food is paired with the right type of wine it enhances the effect further. Therefore, it is important for a server to know equally well about wine serving as he knows about serving food. Since the guest’s experience depends on good service, wine training should be included in a restaurant’s staff training program.

However, you will come across many online sites that will give you an opportunity to learn about wine. But a professional wine training course can help your servers meet customer’s expectations better and build good customer relationship.

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