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Prepare a Health Food Diet for a One Year Old Toddler

By Sandikar

The age ‘one year’ is always considered as the vital stage in a child’s life. It is in this age, he or she begins to walk and understand the objects around him or her. At the same, toddlers of such age often have a habit of eating whatever their hand may lay on. Such habit does make a child fall sick quite frequently. Hence, to boost up the immune system of a child the mother should provide healthy food to the child.

On the other hand, mothers do find it difficult to feed their children of such age as they become reluctant to eat any kind of food. To solve this problem, the mothers need to think about healthy food diet that will taste good for her child as well provide sufficient nutrition to him or her.

Health food diet for the toddlers:-

Being the mother of a 1 year old child you need to be very careful as to what type of food should be added in the diet and what not. You can plan it out somewhat like this:-

  • For breakfast – In a diet, breakfast is always considered as the most important meal. Hence, remember to add basic foods like milk, oatmeal, yogurt, bread, egg, soft fruits, cereals, boiled vegetables and much more. You can even use these products to prepare a meal for your child.
  • For lunch – As for lunch, solid foods like fish, soft rice, meat pieces and vegetables are essential for preparing healthy kids food . However, don’t forget to add fruits apple or banana.
  • For dinner – To prepare a delicious dinner meal, mix up rice with small pieces of meat or chicken ball. Make sure the added meat is soft enough to let your child chew it easily.
  • For snacks – snacks are quite important and it should be fed between the meals. However, you don’t need to prepare heavy snacks. Just a bowl of mashed fruit or a flavoured yogurt can work wonders for your kid.

Apart from these food items, make your child the habit of drinking water and fruit juice to avoid suffering from dehydration.

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