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Make Up Clear Out: Face & Base

By Georginacallen @georginacallen
Make Up Clear Out: Face & Base
My Ikea Helmer has been going strong since July in 2012 - I still love it ever so much but it has somehow become far less organised and a lot less easy to close. I realised there was a lot of product in there that was too old to use - a lot that I'd never used and probably never will and shamefully alot of products that were empty. I have three of these posts altogether splitting my entire make-up collection up.
Empties:  I've used up L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint and it's time to just let go. I keep trying to shake one more application out of this but it's definitely empty and I need to just admit it. I will be repurchasing this when the weather warms up a bit as I really loved using it. 
Too old to use:  Shamefully I found this No7 High Lights illuminating lotion at the back of a drawer - this huge bottle of highlighter is so so old. They don't even sell it anymore and I think it was one of the first beauty products I ever bought years and years ago. I knew it wasn't a good thing to be putting on my skin anymore and threw it away but to be fair you would never had told how old it was on application it's held up ever so well over the years. It's a massive Benefit High Beam dupe and cost something like £8 when I bought it which for such a huge amount of product was an absolute bargain. 
I'll never use again:  There's lots of cheap products in here that I've been lured into buying over the years. I've really learnt buying cheap foundation does not work out so knew it was time to just through this lot out. MUA 'BB cream' is horribly thick for and just didn't blend into my skin. The Technic foundation oxidized quite badly on my skin and again just didn't have a nice finish or texture. The Nivea tinted moisturiser is ok for what it is but has never found it's place within my make-up routine so it was time for it to go. The technic concealer palette and primer again never found their place - I have so many more products that will always take priority over these that they just never get used. The ELF pressed powder was just orange and has never been used apart from for testing then washing straight off. Finally the maybelline and natural collection concealers just don't suit my skin tone anymore I bought these when I loved a facial fake tan but they are way to dark for my paler complexion.
It was so therapeutic going through my collection and my drawers are so much neater now it also made me rediscover some little gems that I'd forgotten about that will feature in an upcoming post. Make Up Clear Out: Face & Base

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